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2746Re: [baseball-databank] NEW DATA:Quandary with Mexican States

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  • Tangotiger
    Aug 1, 2005
      Quebec has TWO designations.... QC is used by everyone
      in the world, and PQ (province de quebec) is used by
      Quebecois. There is no one "official" one. Such is
      life here.


      --- westbaystars <westbaystars@...>

      > In attempting to create a States table, I've come
      > across a number of
      > odd state abbreviations:
      > In Canada, PQ appears to be QC - Quebec.
      > In Panama, Ca doesn't look like any province name.
      > In the USA, TS is an invalid abbreviation. I think
      > Abilene is in TX
      > (Texas) for lahman ID 15409 (winteje01).
      > Assuming TS was a typo, where did PQ for Quebec and
      > Ca in Panama come
      > from? Should I gather all of the Panamanian
      > provinces from http://
      > www.statoids.com/upa.html for future reference?
      > Michael Westbay
      > Writer/System Administrator
      > http://JapaneseBaseball.com
      > Public Key:

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