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2648returns to team - Pete Palmer's list

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  • Paul Wendt
    May 1, 2005
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      On Sun, 1 May 2005, Paul Wendt wrote:

      > In MS Access lahman52, I looked at the records where HBP is null. I found
      > the subset for seasons before the hit batsman rule, ten 2004 records, and one
      > 1916 record --the first of three 1916 stints for Earl Hamilton,
      > hamilea01
      > (That stint is not listed on the baseball-reference webpage.)

      Pete Palmer's list of 47 returns to team is available on the web.

      I covered it in a 19c Cmte newsletter, maybe didn't mention it here.
      It provides another point of reference for checking the batting, pitching
      and fielding tables (although some stints may correctly be missing from
      some tables).

      Within MS Access lahman52, I checked returns to team in the Batting and
      Fielding tables. The "returns" by Darren Holmes 2000 and Ed Sprague 2000
      are missing from that MS Access ed. and from baseball-reference.

      Those happen to be the last two returns on the Palmer list linked above
      --although that will change when I add two more recent instances.
      playerID yearID teamID NPOS
      clarkje02 2003 TEX 2
      huckake01 2004 TEX 1

      Paul Wendt
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