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2374MS Access Version and Unzipping error

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  • Sean Forman
    Dec 2, 2004
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      Keith Hemmelman wrote:
      > I hate to show my newbie ignorance like this, but when I don't know
      > I figure it's best to ask.
      > I downloaded the database from www.baseball1.com in MS Access 2000
      > format. (That's pretty much the only format I'm able to stumble my
      > way around in.)
      > When you say you've included the data into the DB does that mean I
      > should re-download the same Access 2000 file to get these updates?
      > (I'm assuming not, but wanted to check to see if that file is
      > updated with these types of additions/corrections.)
      > If not, is there an easy way to update the Access file that I have
      > with these types of updates? (Not a big deal if I can't but thought
      > if there were a fairly easy way to do this, I would check into it.)

      The Access DB is handled by Sean Lahman and is based on this data, but
      is not maintained through the Baseball-Databank. I would encourage you
      to speak with him about any changes he might make.

      There was also a problem with unzipping the files. It was my fault. I
      uploaded the files as ASCII and not binary. It *should* be fixed now.
      I've been unable to download it and unzip it on my computer, but I would
      appreciate verification that the two versions unzip properly.

      Thank you.

      Sean Forman

      Baseball Stats! http://www.Baseball-Reference.com/
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