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2373Re: Next incorporation tasks - Nov. 30, 2004

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  • Keith Hemmelman
    Dec 1 5:46 PM
      I hate to show my newbie ignorance like this, but when I don't know
      I figure it's best to ask.

      I downloaded the database from www.baseball1.com in MS Access 2000
      format. (That's pretty much the only format I'm able to stumble my
      way around in.)

      When you say you've included the data into the DB does that mean I
      should re-download the same Access 2000 file to get these updates?
      (I'm assuming not, but wanted to check to see if that file is
      updated with these types of additions/corrections.)

      If not, is there an easy way to update the Access file that I have
      with these types of updates? (Not a big deal if I can't but thought
      if there were a fairly easy way to do this, I would check into it.)

      --- In baseball-databank@yahoogroups.com, Sean Forman <sean-
      forman@b...> wrote:
      > These are major changes that have not yet been made. All of the
      > data has been folded into the DB and it appears that everything is
      > up and kosher. I have posted the files to the site and people
      > test them and send me back any corrections. They passed all of
      > consistency checks posted on the site.
      > http://www.baseball-databank.org/
      > I'll be working on these things next. Keep the corrections
      > Anyone track down the Jose Canseco phantom IBB?
      > Sincerely,
      > Sean Forman
      > Baseball Stats! http://www.Baseball-Reference.com/
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