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2052Re: [baseball-databank] sql help for retrosheet game logs?

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  • tmasc@yahoo.com
    Mar 2, 2004
      --- John WALSH <john.walsh@...> wrote:
      > 1) an sql table definition for the game log data
      > (there are 161 fields in
      > the retrosheet game log files);

      I can give you my Access database. It has I think 108
      fields or so. This was prior to Retrosheet adding the
      54 fields at the end to tack on the id and names for
      the starting batting lineup.

      > 2) an sql macro for loading the data;
      > and are willing to share them with me, I would
      > really appreciate it.

      I had uploaded the Lahman DB, that includes macros.

      I think with a little effort, you can take my DB, set
      up the SQL to create the table, and take the
      macro/modules to set up the SQL to insert the records.

      You may want to post your message at the Retrosheet
      yahoo-group, as I think someone there may have done
      more than I have.

      I'll wait until tomorrow to see if there's anyone else
      who can better help you, and then I'll upload my file.

      I would just ask that you would share your scripts
      back with the group.


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