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2009League Classifications

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  • Michael Westbay
    Feb 1, 2004
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      On to Classifications. However, there are a number of conflicting data
      sources from which I'm trying to work. For example, the following was
      posted as an explanation of classification definitions:

      ~ ClassID,ClassDescription,Comment
      ~ 1 IND,Independent,null
      ~ 2 MAJ,Major League,null
      ~ 3 MIN,Minor League,Unknown minor league classification.
      ~ 4 MLAAA,Minor League Class AAA,null
      ~ 5 MMAA,Minor League Class AA,null
      ~ 6 MN1A,Minor League Class A-1,null
      ~ 7 MNA,Minor League Class A,null
      ~ 8 MNB,Minor League Class B,null
      ~ 9 MNC,Minor League Class C,null
      ~ 10 MND,Minor League Class D,null
      ~ 11 MNE,Minor League Class E,null
      ~ 12 MNR,Rookie League,null
      ~ 13 NEG,Negro Leagues,null
      ~ 14 NSL,Non-Standard League,Not within the National Agreement.
      ~ 15 OUT,Outlaw League,null
      ~ 16 PCJ,Japanese League,null
      ~ 17 PCK,Korean League,null
      ~ 18 WNTL,Winter League,null

      While the Team_Table_CMS_Version.xls appears to use these definitions
      for their classifications (CLASS) field, looking at the recent (January
      22) Leagues_Org_Table.xls, only MLB, NEG, and NPB are referenced in the
      "Class" field, only NEG being defined above. Which should I use for
      Classifications and Leagues? The Team_Table_CMS_Version.xsl appears to
      be much more complete.

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