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1708Holes in the Historical Data

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  • Jeff Burk
    Aug 16 3:52 PM
      It appears that most of the "holes" in the data are for statistics that were not kept at
      the time and have never been reconstructed. Taking a look at the batting data as it
      stands today, the data appears to include all available years for the following

      AB, H, 2B, 3B, HR, R, RBI, BB, IBB, HBP, SO, SH, SF, SB, CS, GDP

      For pitching data, including what was uploaded on June 30, the data appears to
      include all available years for the following categories:

      G, W, L, GS, CG, ShO, Sv, GF, IP, BFP, R, ER, H, HR, BB, IBB, HB, SO, WP, Bk

      Perhaps the efforts of Retrosheet will eventually fill in many of these gaps, but some
      of it simply does not exist right now.

      The only two long-standing "official statistics," i.e., the statistics that are known to
      exist but are not in the database, are SH and SF allowed by pitchers.

      By the way, assuming the BFP, BB, and HB data are accurate, and SH and SF are
      eventually added, there is no longer reason to include BAOpp in the database. This is
      redundant, since it can be figured using H/(BFP-BB-HB-SH-SF). Nor is ERA now
      needed since the data now includes IP and ER.

      The fielding data was updated on June 27 with PB. I believe this was the last long-
      standing "official statistic" not included in the fielding data.

      So what we are really after now is stuff that has only been kept in the last 25 years or
      so or is being reconstructed by Retrosheet. Including what Tom listed, I would be
      interested in gathering as much of the following as possible:

      Batting: Pitches Seen, Groundballs, Flyballs

      Pitching: Save Opportunities, Holds, Inherited Runners, Inherited Runners Scored,
      Doubles Allowed, Triples Allowed, RBI Allowed, Stolen Bases Allowed, Caught Stealing
      Allowed, GDP Induced, Pickoffs, Pitches Thrown, Groundballs, Flyballs

      Fielding: Games Started, Innings Played, Triple Plays, Zone Chances, Zone Outs,
      Stolen Bases Allowed by Catchers, Caught Stealing Allowed by Catchers, Pickoffs by

      I have some of this from about 1989 to 1998, although it is not broken down by stint
      and, frankly, I'm not sure how such a breakdown could be obtained. I will rummage
      around in my harddrive and see if I can find this data and get it in some useful form.

      Also, I believe the LF/CF/RF data is going to be similarly limited. It's either going to
      be from the last 25 years or so or from some seasons in the 19th century when
      LF/CF/RF data was separately kept.

      Finally, home and road home run data is available for all seasons. Is the Tattersall log
      available somewhere that might make it possible for us to integrate this data into the
      database? I am not suggesting we try to create an entire separate situational database
      with home/road breakdowns, but the home run data might be interesting and is
      known to be available for all seasons.

      I'd be interested in working with folks to make these additions and improvements to
      the batting, pitching, and fielding databases.

      > > -----Original Message-----
      > > The "holes" in our data is as follows:
      > >
      > > Hitting:
      > > SB - 1876 to 1885
      > > CS - 1876 to 1919
      > > IBB - 1871 to 1954
      > > HBP - 1871 to 1883
      > > GIDP - 1871 to 1932
      > > SH - 1871 to 1894
      > > SF - 1871 to 1953
      > > (though I realize that the way the SH and SF rules
      > > and
      > > recording practices were at the time that it might
      > > not
      > > even be possible to separate things)
      > >
      > > Pitching:
      > > for any years where it was recorded:
      > > pitch counts, balls, strikes
      > >
      > > for all years, except 1972-1992 and 1999-2002
      > > WP, PB, BK, Pickoffs, SB, CS, HBP, IBB
      > >
      > > Fielding:
      > > for any years where it was recorded:
      > > "balls in zone"
      > >
      > > for all years, except 1972-1992 and 1999-2002
      > > - Innings Played by Position
      > > - Games played for LF,CF,RF as individual position
      > > - WP, PB, BK, Pickoffs, SB, CS for catchers
      > >
      > > Any of the voids that can be filled would be most
      > > appreciated. I understand if you will only have
      > > time
      > > to look into this during a lull in the off-season.
      > >
      > > Thanks, Tom
      > >
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