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1589Re: [baseball-databank] Re: GOALS - short-term

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  • tmasc@yahoo.com
    Jun 27, 2003
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      --- Paul Wendt <pgw@...> wrote:
      > tmasc replied, in part:
      > . . .
      > > The parkconfig table has
      > > ParkID,Year,Capacity,surface,[list of dimensions]
      > Ballpark names also change.

      Not sure how we missed adding "Name", but that should
      be in there as well. As long as the name change is
      not in-year. As noted later by Paul, we can add
      in-season changes in the "comments" field.

      > There have been midseason moves by teams to new
      > principal home parks,

      This is fine. We can have multiple home parks (like
      Expos this year, or Yanks playing at Shea and Yankee
      stadium, etc) with the current design. The "key" is:
      teamid, parkid, year. Therefore, you can have an
      unlimited number of home parks. We are NOT specifying
      the "principal" home park, but ALL home parks, for the
      given team/season.


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