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1588Re: [baseball-databank] Re: GOALS - short-term

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  • Paul Wendt
    Jun 27, 2003
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      27 Jun 2003, Michael Westbay wrote:
      . . .
      > I would suggest having the ball parks as their own table:
      > CREATE TABLE BallParks (
      > parkID int(9) NOT NULL auto_increment,
      > parkName varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
      > placeID int(9) NOT NULL default 1,
      > capacity int(6) NOT NULL default 0,
      > builtYear int(4) default NULL,
      > destroyedYear int(4) default NULL,
      > ...
      > PRIMARY KEY (parkID)
      > );

      tmasc replied, in part:
      . . .
      > The parkconfig table has
      > ParkID,Year,Capacity,surface,[list of dimensions]

      Ballpark names also change.

      > Again here, we are only describing what's in the park for the year in
      > question (and hopefully a team doesn't change their playing parks in
      > the middle of the year? in which case, this is fixed by turning year
      > into a date field, but I'd rather not.)

      There have been midseason moves by teams to new principal home parks,
      and midseason changes in ballpark configurations.

      Is it reasonable to put full information in a Note field, while
      implementing a design that imposes a single ballpark for each team-season
      and a single configuration for each park-season?
      That seems unwieldy to me.

      P/\/ \/\/t
      Paul Wendt, Watertown MA, USA <pgw@...>
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