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1583Re: [baseball-databank] Re: GOALS - short-term

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  • tmasc@yahoo.com
    Jun 27, 2003
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      If we look at the last proposed DB, dated Jan 31,
      2003, we have the following parks table

      So, the parks table is independent of the team, and
      it's simply a "headcount" of any park that any team
      plays in.

      The parkconfig table has
      ParkID,Year,Capacity,surface,[list of dimensions]

      Again here, we are only describing what's in the park
      for the year in questsion (and hopefully a team
      doesn't change their playing parks in the middle of
      the year? in which case, this is fixed by turning
      year into a date field, but I'd rather not.)

      We also have a TeamParks table which is

      essentially, a xref table of the parks table and the
      teams table.

      I think that this db schema is positioned to address
      the issues with the Japan league.

      I think.


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