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  • rfiato
    Jun 17, 2003
      --- In baseball-databank@yahoogroups.com, "tmasc@y..." <tmasc@y...>
      > Following Mike's note, this is probably a good as time
      > as any to ask the members here as to what they are
      > prepared (time/effort/resources) to contribute in the
      > next 0 to 3 months.
      > For my part, I'm prepared to implement the latest DB
      > design that Tom Lewis and I proposed (and apparently
      > ratified by default).
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baseball-databank/message/1367
      > I haven't updated my TODO list from a few months ago,
      > but I will, once we've established any kind of
      > momentum. This is the last TODO list
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baseball-databank/message/1242
      > An additional 300 messages have appeared in the
      > archives since that went out.
      > So, I'll say that I can contribute 2 hrs/week for 8 of
      > the next 12 weeks.
      > Anyone else?
      > Tom

      First off, I apologize for my long silence. I've been sporadically
      working on my Web-based DB frontend. No fancy GUI yet, but I've
      covered the batting/pitching/fielding tables (and my custom
      derivitaives thereof) pretty well. Latest accomplishment was to
      figure out how to handle the year (hopefully) intelligently when the
      user queries across multiple tables.

      Though it'll eventually have to be modified somewhat to handle the
      new design (which, by the way, to an eye mostly untrained in DB
      structure [Database Systems couurse is on my fall schedule, however]
      looks fine to me), I think that, within the next three months, I
      think that can safely say that I'll be able at least to have some
      primitive searching of team/franchise tables and, at the very least,
      coherent documentation, since, if you recall from my previous posts
      from a while back, what the frontend accepts isn't SQL.
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