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ERBzine: Louisville Dum-Dum: Saturday Report

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  • Bill and Sue-On Hillman
    Saturday ERB Dum-Dum Convention - Louisville, KY www.ERBzine.com/dumdum Sue-On s Report Another action-packed day at the Louisville Edgar Rice Burroughs
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      Saturday ERB Dum-Dum Convention - Louisville, KY
      Sue-On's Report
      Another action-packed day at the Louisville Edgar Rice Burroughs Dum-Dum! The hucksters room had lots of goodies for all to browse and buy. Martin Powell made his presentation sharing his experiences as a writer for ERB Inc's new online ERB Sunday pages. Following this, Lane Batot continued his presentation about his work with Jane Goodall from last evening.

      The Burroughs Bibliophile auction followed. I had a lot of fun making bids, and nearly bid against Bill a couple of times as we couldn't see each other in the crowd! The leather creations by Becknbob Hibbard brought in excellent bids, made by Brad Vinson and Jim Thompson. I did win a bid on a sketch card which also brought me a special leather key fob with the John Carter symbol made by Bob.

      Had a great visit relaxing in our room with George McWhorter and Patrick Ewing while waiting for the banquet.

      George McWhorter gave his famed version of the Tarzan yell to start the banquet. Supper was great - salmon, roast beef, bourbon chicken and all the fixins. Guest of honour Dr. Phil Currie gave another excellent speech on his work with dinosaurs, his love of dinosaur art, and ERB's influence on him. The Burroughs Bibliophiles presented Phil with the Outstandding Achievement award.

      George McWhorter also gave a fine speech about how his love for the works of Burroughs was instilled by his mother as she taught him to read, and how it's brought him into contact with so many others who loved Burroughs. The banquet was brought to an end by Lane Batot's interpretation of the Tarzan yell, based on whaat he read from Burroughs and his work with animals in Africa. VERY impressive. Joan Bledig gave her version as well..."Tarzan, Tarzan! Come down off the tree. Stop playing with Cheeta!"

      Attendees spent the next hour mingling and taking pictures with Dr. Currie, Lane, George, Linda Burroughs, Dejah Burroughs, Llana Jane Burroughs, and each other. The ERBapa group had their annual group picture taken.

      We had a great time talking music wih Dennis Keith Wilcutt as well as shared love for comic art. A new attendee at our table was Devon Morf, who plays music of an entirely different genre to us. He had many interesting stories of the international gigs he's played at. Other members at our table included Frank Grainger, John the official photographer, and Don, from Illinois. What an eclectic and interesting group!

      Tomorrow morning is the farewell breakfast. It's always sad to have the end of the gathering, but we are already making plans to attend 2014 ECOF hosted by Rudy Sigmund in Fargo, and the Dum-Dum in College Station, Texas, hosted by Brad and Pat Vinson.
      Full photo coverage will soon appear in ERBzine and on our various FaceBook & Twitter pages.

      Bill and Sue-On

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