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ERBzine Weekly: Eclectica 2013.08 ~ Denny Miller Anecdotes ~ California High Desert Eden Adventure Intro ~ Tarzan Strips: Celardo and Maxon ~ Foster's Prince Valiant 1937

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  • Bill and Sue-On Hillman
    An early release for Friday s ERBzine.com Weekly August 2, 2013 (We re preparing to hit the road again - Louisville Dum-Dum, ya know)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2013
      An early release for Friday's ERBzine.com Weekly
      August 2, 2013
      (We're preparing to hit the road again - Louisville Dum-Dum, ya know)
      * Subscription info for the new ERB, Inc. Sunday Pages
      * ERB Eclectica: 2013.08 - Events, News, Art, Photos, Films, etc.
      * Intro to the California Adventure at Robin "JANE" Maxwell's High Desert Eden retreat
      * Denny "Tarzan" Miller Flashback Series: "I Love Lucy, Too"
      * Tarzan the Fearless - 1937 Daily Strips by Rex Maxon (continued)
      * Hal Foster's Prince Valiant: Two Complete Pages from 1937
      * Tarzan and the Treasure Chest - all 88 strips from 1962 by John Celardo
      * Links to all of last week's ERBzine features
      See you at Dum-Dum next week:

      Bill Hillman

      Weekly Webzine:

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