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Re: ERBzine John Carter Film News Update

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  • sailor.barsoom
    ... point of being cliche to the ... the villain establishes that ... was shocking and really ... cliche, and now every ... cliche. Now, every time I ...
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 31, 2011
      --- In barsoom, Den Valdron wrote:

      > At some point it moves from the point of being shocking, past the
      point of being cliche to the
      > point of being really pathetic.
      > It's like that wonderful scene in just about every action movie where
      the villain establishes that
      > he's a real bad guy by shooting his own henchman. The first time, it
      was shocking and really
      > drove the point home that this was a really bad guy, then it became a
      cliche, and now every
      > time it happens, I wonder why people are working for this dickhead.
      > A tragic history used to be poignant and heart wrenching. Then its a
      cliche. Now, every time I
      > see it, I find myself pitying whoever runs across this near psychotic
      emotional cripple.

      In The Mask of Zorro, Don Diego witnesses the murder of his wife and the
      kidnapping of his infant daughter. I guess "for justice" isn't enough
      for a hero to fight for anymore.

      In the lasted version of The Time Machine, the time traveler has a dead
      girlfriend as his motivation for time travel. Scientific curiosity?
      Not good enough, at least not anymore.

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