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  • Bill and Sue-On Hillman
    Announcement of Effinger s death in ERBzine Eclectica July 2002 George Effinger, science-fiction author, dies at 55 http://www.erbzine.com/mag6/0643.html
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2011
      Announcement of Effinger's death in ERBzine Eclectica July 2002
      "George Effinger, science-fiction author, dies at 55"

      "Global Dispatches tie-ins in Den Valdron's "Post Modern Barsoom"
      and a good mention in Den Valdron's "HG Wells' Barsoom!"

      Bill Hillman

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      > That's it, thanks Phil. My wife had it and was just finishing it up, so
      > I
      > could not look it up! She liked it too.
      > Mike "Bunkermeister" Creek
      > bunkermeister.blogspot.com
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      > In a message dated 11/1/2011 7:17:40 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      > phil@... writes:
      > The book is: "War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches," Kevin J. Anderson,
      > ed., Bantam Books, 1996. There is probably a trade paper or mass
      > paperback
      > edition.
      > The Barsoom story is by George Alec Effinger and is entitled: "Mars: The
      > Home Front."
      > The collection contains stories about the Martian Invasion from the
      > perspective of various writers of the period as interpreted by
      > contemporary
      > writers. Stories range from Emily Dickinson (Connie Willis), H.P.
      > Lovecraft (Don
      > Webb), Teddy Roosevelt (Mike Resnick), Henry James (Robert Silverberg) to
      > Jules Verne (Gregory Benford and David Brin) and Jack London (Dave
      > Wolverton).
      > It's a great read and lots of fun picking up on the various literary
      > styles. I thought the Burroughs story was very well written and wish that
      > Effinger could have done a few more Barsoomian pastiches before he died.
      > Phil
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