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Planetary Adventure Reads

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  • steveseg@aol.com
    Lahal and Kaor! I ve been reading a fair amount of planetary adventure boos lately including a complete re-read of the Dary Prescot Saga. I finished 3 14
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2011
      Lahal and Kaor!

      I've been reading a fair amount of planetary adventure boos lately
      including a complete re-read of the Dary Prescot Saga. I finished 3 14 recently,
      "Krozair of Kregen," so I've got quite a ways to go before reaching # 45, the
      latest to be published in English.

      Also been reading the Venus series by Burroughs, just having finished "Lost
      on Venus." I did get confused at one point, wondering just what part of
      Amtor, Carson and Duare were when they were in Morov and then Havatoo. Skor
      has never heard of Vepaja but when told Vepaja once occupied the land of
      Thora but was now resuced to an island domain, he admitted to hearing of it
      when he was in distant Trabol. He then said that his domain of Morov was in
      Strabol, the hot country. This could be just south or north of the equator
      but Carson leans toward the northern hemisphere. Perhaps the land of Andoo
      is in Strabol as well, but cooled off by mountains?

      A few pages earlier, when first they met, Skor said his kingdom of Morov
      was in the land of Noobol and he was well aware of the city of Kapdor and of
      their Thorist leaning.

      All of this info is found in chapter IX "The Gloomy Castle."

      So is Noobol part of Strabol?

      Here's a question for Dray Prescot fans. What do you think of the
      possibility that Ken Bulmer was influenced by a combination of Vepaja and Havatoo
      for his City of the Savants, the Swinging City of Aphrasoe? Vepaja and the
      Savanti once occupied territories far flung from where they currently exist
      and the Savants seem eerily similar to those in Havatoo and to a lesser
      degree, the Vepajan city of Kooad,

      Just started Lin Carter's "Jandar of Callisto" and frankly, I'm very
      excited to return once more to Thanator, the jungle moon of Jupiter.

      Lastly and not planetary adventure related, I recently received issue # 65
      of Pulpdom, the first of two issues dealing specifically with Pellucidar.
      Entitled "Pellucidar Revisited," Mike Taylor in issue # 65 deals with the
      first three books in the series. Caz throws in a few interesting editorial
      gems along the way. The cost is $8.00 for each issue (# 's 65 & 66). Send
      payment to:

      Camille Cazedessus
      5055 Highway 151
      Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

      Be sure to mention the specific issues . Also, you can subscribe (in the
      USA) for five issues for $30.00.

      That's it for now. Back to Jandar!

      Steve S./Seg

      PS Any idea why I have to unbounce myself on Yahoo?

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