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Re: [barsoom] Mythos of Barsoom

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    In a message dated 14/10/2002 23:42:41, llsmith@ev1.net writes:
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      In a message dated 14/10/2002 23:42:41, llsmith@... writes:

      << I do not know if anyone else has put forth this theory, but what if John
      Carter travelled both in space and time to Barsoom. >>

      The theory that Barsoom is Mars in the distant past has been bandied about,
      but the fact that Vad Varo sees scenes of WW I in the telescope at Toonol
      pretty much shoots that idea down.

      Whoever edited the Otis Adelbert Kline books for Avalon, however, did insert
      the idea that Dr. Morgan's subjects travelled both in time and space to get
      to Mars and Venus.

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