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ERBzine Update: Historic 1914 Dum-Dum Photo - Briggs in News

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  • Bill and Sue-On Hillman
    Keegah! Yato Mangani. . . . With Rudy Sigmund s Minneapolis ECOF 2011 poised to launch this weekend. . . and as the August Dum-Dum draws nigh. . . the Mangani
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2011
      Keegah! Yato Mangani. . . .
      With Rudy Sigmund's Minneapolis ECOF 2011 poised to launch this weekend. . . and as the August Dum-Dum draws nigh. . . the Mangani are becoming very restless.

      Caught up in the spirit of this excitement our friend, Jairo Uparella, posted a rare 1914 photo of the Mangani in front of one of ERB's Oak Park homes. The photo appeared at the ERBzine FaceBook page: www.facebook.com/erbzine.tarzan

      and I'm displaying here the comments this remarkable photo has generated. Looking forward to rubbing hairy shoulders with many of you in Minneapolis this weekend.
      Sue-On and I are driving down after work at the university on Thursday so it looks like an all-night drive.



      Sue-On Hillman LOL! That's good, Jairo...which one Bill? I'm NOT in there ;-)
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      Bill Hillman VANDO ROTA ABALU - If you look closer you'll see that I'm the one with the club. Thought I had all the ERB Dum-Dum Conventions covered at www.erbzine.com/dumdum - I see now that I missed some of the early ones : )
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      a.. Jairo Uparella Yes Bill, maybe you want to post this historic photo at the beginning of the Dum-Dum --History and Evolution page.. lol!!! In that opportunity, there were almost 20 Mangani, nowadays you can see almost 80.

      And you are right again. History says that the one with the club, he changed it for a guitar. until he realized that he couldn't hit everything with it.and knew how to play it. Evolution!! lolll!!!!
      about an hour ago ·
      Erbzine Tarzan Your rare historical photo of the Burroughs Bibliophiles from 1914 is the earliest photo we have of them on record. I've added a 2010 photo of the BBs in front of the same ERB house in Oak Park so all may see how these mangani have evolved (devolved?) over the years: http://www.erbzine.com/dumdum


      Check out the latest on Andy Briggs' UK promotional tour for Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy at:


      NOTE: This week's ERBzine eFanzine may be released a day or so early this week.
      So be sure to catch the current week's issue at the usual spot:
      before it goes into archive at:
      It's the one with ERB, Inc. President Jim Sullos featured in the May ERB Eclectica feature.

      Bill Hillman

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