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Re: Another site with Princess Movie info

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  • Xenophile
    ... The two extra colors. There s just no way to show that on screen. ... Abskolutly. In particular, *first person* books are different. ... I once said to
    Message 1 of 14 , Sep 15, 2002
      --- In barsoom, Jeff Doten wrote:

      >> Xenophile (who can think of one thing that will HAVE to be
      >> changed)

      > Hey Xeno and what would that be ?

      The two extra colors. There's just no way to show that on screen.

      > I know that I'd change a few things given the chance to polish the
      > book a little. And of course, movies and books are not the same
      > thing at all.

      Abskolutly. In particular, *first person* books are different.

      > I guess as an illustrator rather easy going about differing
      > visions of the same thing. I can't help but interpret the author's
      > words through my own filters.

      I once said to another fan that if she and I were each dropped into
      Hollywood with $100 million and godlike authority, we would each
      make the ultimate John Carter movie, but they would be different.
      What a zitadar looks like, the gait used by thoats, even the details
      of JC's swordsmanship.

      > When I was doing a ton of work on designing green martians ( if
      > you guy's haven't seen them, check out my Barsoom Gallery as part
      > of my web listed below ) I am pretty sure that ERB meant his green
      > martians to basically a tall man with four arms, despite what he
      > says about them walking on all fours. That is never mentioned
      > again. I HAD to rebuild the torso into some thing more alien as I
      > have a background in zoology.

      I STILL think you've got the coolest Greens I've ever seen. I STILL
      don't if they would work as quadrupeds. Why don't you lobby
      Paramount to hire you, and I can find out for the cost fo a ticket.

      > So that's an example of what I would change from the text. But of
      > course I'd leave Deja Thoris fully nude. That would make a great
      > McDonalds toy. - Jeff the Jasoomian Primate

      If they leave in some of the more gory stuff (like the tusk in the
      groin... OUCH!), this movie will have an R rating anyway, so why not
      nekkid wimmin?

      Xenophile the... Something
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