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  • Bill & Sue-On Hillman
    www.ERBzine.com/news For Wall-E director, art mixes well with commerce Reuters ~ November 18, 2008
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      For "Wall-E" director, art mixes well with commerce

      Reuters ~ November 18, 2008


      LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - If there ever was a person meant to make a movie
      about a U.S. Civil War soldier from the Confederate States of America
      stranded on

      the planet Mars, it just may be Andrew Stanton, director of animated hit
      "Wall-E." Why?

      A soldier of the confederacy was a "rebel" in the 1860s when the United
      States fought its war between the states, and Stanton also comes from a pack
      of rebels --

      the filmmakers at Disney-Pixar -- whose movies like "Wall-E" have time and
      again defied conventional Hollywood wisdom and become smash hits. . . .

      . . . "John Carter of Mars" is Stanton's next animated feature project. It
      is based on a story written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, best known for his
      "Tarzan" books.

      Stanton said he read "John Carter" as a boy and has been in love with it
      ever since. It is based on a simple idea, he said: "an ordinary person in an

      world." But audiences wanting to go there will have to wait several years
      before the movie hits theaters. But when it does, the betting is that like
      "Wall-E", it, too, will

      be a hit. More>>>

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