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ERBzine News: Tarzan To Germany!. . . Tarzan Gold CD Award ~ 650T Tickets ~ To Sweden ~ Podcast 44 from Panthan Press

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  • Bill and Sue-On Hillman
    ERBzine News www.ERBzine.com/news TARZAN MOVES TO GERMANY Source : 28-11-2007 www.musicalworld.nl Today, Stage Entertainment has announced that in 2008 people
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      ERBzine News

      Source : 28-11-2007 www.musicalworld.nl
      Today, Stage Entertainment has announced that in 2008
      people can watch the musical 'Tarzan' in Germany.
      The main character will be elected via a TV show called "Ich Tarzan, Du Jane".
      Stage Entertainment will produce this "election" show
      together with Sat 1 and it will be aired on television in February 2008.
      A German premiere date for the stage production is not known yet.
      Gold Album Award for Holland's Tarzan the Musical Cast Album
      Phil Collins receives the album from Chantal Janzen and Ron Link.
      Source: http://www.musicals.nl/jetp/misc/index_2306.htm
      The Tarzan Musical Cast Album has earned Gold status having sold more than 35.000 copies.
      Chantal Janzen and Ron Link flew together with Erwin van Lambaart, managing director/producer
      of Joop van den Ende Theater Productions on a surprise trip this week to Genève.
      There they surprised popicon Phil Collins, who wrote the music and lyrics for the musical, with a golden award.
      Because of the golden CD of the Tarzan musical there will be a limited version of the cast album produced by Universal Music, as well a unique bonus dvd.
      A delighted Phil Collins said: 'I am enlighted with the golden status of Tarzan's Dutch cast album!
      It is very special to see this kind of appreciation for your work and to see how the Dutch audience embraces Tarzan.'
      Erwin van Lambaart is also very happy with the result: 'The success of Tarzan is incredible. The cd is gold already and we also have sold 650,000 tickets for the musical!'

      For the Tarzan Musical Phil Collins expanded the songs he wrote for the award-winning Disney film animation with nine new songs. Since this was his debute as a stage musical composer, the recordings for the cast album were very important for him. He was very happy that the songs he wrote were sung by the cast members in the way he meant for them to be done. The pop star therefore spent much time in Holland to support the Dutch cast and practice with them. The Dutch translation of the lyrics was done by Martine Bijl. The CD contains the popular numbers 'Jij Woont In Mijn Hart' (You'll Be In My Heart) and 'Everything That I Am', a bonus track by Phil Collins.

      The special bonus DVD features: The Making of' Tarzan, The trailer of the musical Tarzan, The act during the Musical Sing-A-Long and The Musical Awards Gala. The excitement, the emotions, the hard work, the tears, the joy, the bad luck and finally the beautiful result; you can follow it on this dvd.
      News stories reported by ERBzine's European correspondent, Ron de Laat

      ERBzine ~ November 20, 2007
      The first production of the Tarzan Musical was on Broadway and the second in Scheveningen, Netherlands. Now the third staging will be in Kristianstad, Sweden. The premiere will be on February 16, 2008. Rehearsals will start next week. While the first two casts were original Disney productions, the third will be an independent production (but still licensed by Disney and ERB, Inc.). Twenty-nine shows are planned (roughly 10,000 tickets), but if the audience keeps coming, the show's run will probably be extended.

      Producer Emil Sigfridsson, who also plays the leading part of Tarzan, is 27 years old and makes this production through his one-man company. The leading parts are professional singers and many of the supporting cast are amateurs playing for fun. The dancers come from a company called Kaoz, where the members are part-time professional dancers.

      The band is made up of six professional musicians. Two keyboard players, two drummers, bass and guitar. The music will be based on the Dutch score, but with a lot of local arrangements, as the Dutch band is much larger.

      The aerial movements will be designed by a Swedish company that works with bungee-jumping, etc.

      The same script as the original Disney production is used, but some of the staging will be different. There will also be some changes in who sings some of the songs. For example, the opening song "Two Worlds" will be sung by Terk and a girl from the ensemble, not by Tarzan.

      Emil and his girlfriend Zara (who plays Jane) were in New York in October and had a meeting with the Disney staff. It is hoped that Phil Collins and Disney representatives will attend the premiere. The actor who plays Porter is neighbour to the mother of Phil Collins' house maid, so there might be an inside track to invite him.

      Olle Högberg who plays the part of Snipes, the sailor who arrests Clayton in the end, has just started a Website for the production. The site, which is still in its early stages, is at:

      This report has been compiled from information provided by
      Olle Högberg, cast member and Webmaster for the Swedish Tarzan Musical
      and Ron de Laat of the Holland meets ERB! Website
      The latest podcast from Jeff Long's Panthan Press:
      Episode 44. Trailer for an old movie that Elmo probably will never see.
      A discussion about how to form a local chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles,
      like the National Capital Panthans and the Chicago Muckers.

      More at ERBzine News:
      Bill Hillman
      Editor and Webmaster for the
      Official Edgar Rice Burroughs Tribute Sites

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