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ERBzine News: Podcast 39 ~ Bush in Africa? ~ Yeates Website ~ Bo Derek

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  • Bill and Sue-On Hillman
    ERBzine News www.ERBzine.com/news From Jeff Long s Panthan Press: www.panthanpress.com The latest Dateline Jasoom podcast via Gridley Wave:
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      ERBzine News
      From Jeff Long's Panthan Press:
      The latest Dateline Jasoom podcast via Gridley Wave:
      Episode 39. Elmo and Jane Goodall spy on the Dum Dum of the Great Apes in the wilds of Louisville.
      Sky Brower of the Tarzan CC web site delivers a message from Tarzan movie actresses Eve Brent and Elaine Hollingsworth. Be sure to read Sky's great interviews with them at his site.
      George Bush to live in Africa as "Tarzan figure"
      TheSpoof.com ~ August 27, 2007
      Speaking to The Financial Times African Correspondent, Nijume Biyahlo, Mr. Bush said: "I like Africa. And the Africanese peoples. I like lions and elephants.And monkeys. I see myself as a modern day Tarzan. I would love to climb trees and kill crocodiles. Obviously I will need to bulk up a little and learn the Africanese language but once my time as commander in chief has ended I will fulfill my true ambition to live wild".
      When questioned on the difficulties he might face Mr. Bush responded: "My mom, Barbara, has been living in a tree house in our back yard for over 4 years and she has become quite the survivalist. She promises to pass on all her knowledge to me."
      President Bush we see out his remaining term in office unless a better deal comes along before that.
      (The story above is a satire or parody from TheSpoof.com It is entirely fictitious.)
      Hello Bill,
      I thought you might be interested in the brand new official Thomas Yeates website at http://www.ThomasYeates.com
      We included many of his ERB and Tarzan artwork and will update the art portfolio from month to month. In afew weeks Thomas will offer original art tu buy online.
      So it would be nice if you can help to spread the word about ThomasYeates.com.
      Best regards
      Uwe (I'm running the Website of Thomas)
      Uwe Reber Illustrations <uwe@...>

      Former 'Jane', Bo Derek was spotted by a British TV crew at the Turkish F1 Grand Prix circuit in Instanbul last week. She was amongst celebrities allowed on the grid shortly before the race began. When asked about her interest in the sport, she replied she has always enjoyed F1 and likes fast cars and fast horses.
      More at ERBzine News:
      Bill Hillman
      Editor and Webmaster for the
      Official Edgar Rice Burroughs Tribute Sites

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