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ERBzine News: Danton Burroughs Exhibit Thankyou ~ Fergus on Carter

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  • Bill and Sue-On Hillman
    ERBzine News www.ERBzine.com/news THANKS TO DANTON BURROUGHS Museum of the San Fernando Valley ~ March 25, 2007
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      ERBzine News

      Museum of the San Fernando Valley ~ March 25, 2007
      The Directors of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley wish to express our gratitude to Danton Burroughs of Tarzana for the loan of family historical materials for our just closed "Burroughs Family Exhibit. The exhibit featured books, photographs and artifacts from the lives and careers of the world famous author Edgar Rice Burroughs and noted American illustrator John Coleman Burroughs. The Burroughs family has lived in Tarzana for four generations. Edgar Rice Burroughs earned a fortune through his famous Tarzan books. He was the grandfather of Danton Burroughs. John Coleman Burroughs was Danton's father.

      The Museum plans future exhibits based on the Burroughs family and well known Tarzana Ranch, when we secure our new headquarters and exhibit space. We are now actively collecting books and other materials on the lives of both Edgar and John Burroughs. Steve Falk, long time San Fernando Valley resident, heads the Museum of the San Fernando Valley's effort to pursuade the United States Postal Service to issue a 4-stamp block celebrating the genius of the Burroughs family. The four stamps in the block would feature: Edgar Rice Burroughs - American author. John Coleman Burroughs - American illustrator and artist. Tarzan of the Apes/Jane/Boy and Cheetah. And, the community of Tarzana. If you support the effort to have these stamps printed, add you comments to this blog post or contact Steve at The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. More>>>
      Mark Fergus: John Carter Talk
      Film Stew ~ March 23, 2007
      Screenwriter and first-time director Mark Fergus (First Snow) came this close to convincing Paramount to move forward with an adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel John Carter of Mars. But he's still stoked at the prospect of Pixar picking up the slack, either by way of animation or special effects enhanced live action. "[Executive producer] John [Lasseter] brought us in to do an adaptation of the trilogy," Fergus explains during a recent interview with FilmStew. "The trilogy is huge and I hadn't read them before, which was great
      because it made it fresh material. I was like, 'Wow. Everyone has pillaged these books over the years for sci-fi stories and movies.'" "What we really had to do is focus it to just be a mythical fairy tale," he adds. "It could be a four-hour movie if you wanted it to be. But it's quite a simple story when you strip away the hundreds of side characters and layers and all of that. When we showed them that we knew how to travel through this material and find that story, I think that's really what made them want to get us involved. I think we nailed that."

      "I felt so happy about that draft. It's a giant proposition for anyone who wants to make that. It's almost employing technology that's not even invented yet. It has got to be very scary to a filmmaker to need the resources that that one might take, to mix different size creatures and different worlds and different layers and have it all be very seamless. Even if the creatures are not of this earth, you'd still get an actor to do a performance and their face would actually be melded with the creature, so you'd get a real performance. I think Pixar is going to do it
      now." More>>>

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