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Re: [barsoom] more maps etc

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  • Rick Johnson
    I ll check. I am still cleaning the mess from Cerridwen s leaving. You have no idea how much junk I have been cleaning all over the place this week. She
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 1 7:54 AM
      I'll check.
      I am still cleaning the mess from Cerridwen's leaving. You have no
      idea how much junk I have been cleaning all over the place this week.
      She packed and then what she didn't take ended up on the floor in her
      bedroom ,living room, kitchen, bathroom, porch, etc...
      Plus the River clean-up. and cleaning my gear afterwards.
      So I printed two things from you but have been soo busy trying to
      find the rug I havn't had a chance to read either.

      ok, here is the design for my invention for SoT kayaks to hold trash
      bags. Didn't get a chance to work as the tree swept it from the boat
      when it ripped my arm, rolled my boat and I lost a lot of my gear.
      The Forest Service laughed when I asked if I could go through the
      trash bags for my lost gear.
      Here is a design for a workbook I made but could not sell. Pagans
      are so cheap!
      Maps. lots of maps and the floorplan for a Morgor ship. Too many
      people floorplan and forget to add room for conduits, air dicts and
      E-list to thin out. more maps.. Ok, here are the two I printed. I
      tried to read them at work but the boss kept coming by to complain
      about his boss and how I had to cover for yet another person so my
      workload is greater.
      Are these them? I am planning to read them today after I wash the
      kayak and pack it away and take more stuff to Bookmans to sell.
      It'll be around 100 today so sitting on the couch with ice tea and
      something to read as the sun bakes the outside sounds nice.

      The big problem is that I am not as well-read as are you. I've read
      a lot of Lin Carter but never his Callisto series nor have I read the
      Aelita story so a lot of your material and ideas are lost to me.
      However, it is causing me to develop a theory about alternate
      ralities and how the closer they are to each other physically (in a
      cosmic sense), the closer they are in a ... biological and geographic

      Not quite yours but built on your work.

      So first, the Trip Report for the River Clean-up so I can influence
      people to do the Lake Clean-up in 2 weeks.
      Then laundry. try to find where I put the camera cable to upload the
      pics from the river. And in about 4 hours it will be hot enough to
      sit and vegetate and read.
      and breakfast. Lisa and Nannette went through my frig and tossed a
      lot of food I was going to eat. They said something about mold or
      stinks or some foolish girl stuff. I canot swim, smell or taste so
      do very well eating junk that no one else will consider. And can
      paddle a river or lake and not notice the stink of the water which
      most stupid Americans use as a toilet.

      Rick Johnson, PO Box 40451, Tucson, Az. 85717

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    • Den Valdron
      Yep. Those are them. Well, I haven t actually read Aelita. I merely found a pretty good synopsis on the net, whose URL I included. In the case of more
      Message 2 of 4 , Oct 1 8:15 AM
        Yep. Those are them.

        Well, I haven't actually read Aelita. I merely found
        a pretty good synopsis on the net, whose URL I

        In the case of more 'obscure' writers, like Kline,
        Farley, Carter, I've tried to make a point of starting
        the article off with a synopsis of the novel so that
        generally the reader can have an idea of what I'm
        talking about. The point is to try and make it
        accessible and interesting to people who haven't
        actually read these works.

        In the case of four armed giants, thats an excerpt
        from an essay on Tam, Son of the Tiger by Kline. I
        include a synopsis/review in the actual article, but
        that part didn't get to you. Instead I just included
        the two sections I thought you might find most
        interesting... the possibility that the four armed
        giants are related to the green men of mars, and a
        Don-like race.

        Anyway, take care. Hope you like em when you get to them.

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