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ERBzine News: All-Story Gold Mine & Reproductions ~ ERB speaks on Podcast ~ New JC Giant Mars DJ

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  • Bill and Sue-On Hillman
    ERBzine News www.ERBzine.com/news The October 1912 issue of The All-Story pulp magazine which contains the first appearance of ERB s novel, TARZAN OF THE
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2006
      ERBzine News

      The October 1912 issue of "The All-Story" pulp magazine which contains the first appearance of ERB's novel, TARZAN OF THE APES, has just sold for $59,750.00.

      ERB fans might be interested in somewhat cheaper reproductions of this rare publication.
      A totally faithful reprinted edition of this famous issue is still available. Michael Wilson has a small stockpile of new, never-out-of-the-box copies. He would like to make these last few copies available to ERB fans for $19.85 plus P&H. See ERBzine Swag for contact details.

      Tune in to Jeff "Elmo" Long's Dateline Jasoom Podcasts
      Sept. 9, 2006 Show: Thanks to Ted McKosky at the ERB Media List, Episode 16 features a 1939 interview with ERB. This extra long show (40 minutes) also listens in on the great discussion of Jane during the 2006 ECOF. Your panelists are Joan Bledig, Huck Huckenpohler and Cole Richardson. Plus lots of movie sound clips.
      Hear this week's . . . and all previous podcasts ... at:

      Phil Normand has just finished the fourth in his series of alternate
      dust jackets for Edgar Rice Burroughs collectors.
      This new dust jacket for the Canaveral Press edition of JOHN CARTER OF MARS is designed using J. Allen St. John's cover from the "Amazing Stories" magazine of January, 1941 which first published the novelette, "John Carter and the Giant of Mars." It has been known since 1963 that the actual author of the story was Burroughs' artist son, John Coleman Burroughs, and in honor of that fact Normand has designed the titling and author lettering of the jacket using J.C. Burroughs' logo and signature from his "John Carter of Mars" Sunday comic strip. The spine art uses a portrait panel of John Carter from the strip
      and is designed to match up with the penultimate volume in the Mars series, LLANA OF GATHOL published by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. in 1948.

      Normand has previously created alternate dust jackets for SAVAGE PELLUCIDAR, THUVIA, MAID OF MARS and A FIGHTING MAN OF MARS which bring together art references of bibliographic importance to the books, thereby creating truly alternate "might-have-been" dust jackets and not just redesigns.
      For Contact and Ordering Information see:

      Bill Hillman
      Editor and Webmaster for the
      Official Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Group of Websites and Webzines:

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