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Re: [barsoom] Barsoom: the angry red planet

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  • mehaffey
    Talk about coincidence. Your mention of the 50 s movie The Angry Red Planet was too much for coincidence. As a collector of 50 s science fiction movies I
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      Talk about coincidence. Your mention of the 50's movie "The Angry Red Planet" was too much for coincidence. As a collector of 50's science fiction movies I once taped that movie when it was broadcast on AMC, and on a whim I watched it a couple of days ago. I have to say that it was one of the worst Martian movies ever made. Truly forgettable characters, really bad special effects (even by 50's B-movie standards). And that mouse-bat-spider!

      It has always annoyed me when movies about Mars don't take into account the most elementary facts known to just about everyone. ERB's Barsoom is a fantasy world, and an excellent one; one thing that makes it good is that he based it on the state of the science available to him in the early part of last century. Maybe it was wrong (canals, breathable atmosphere, etc.), but at least with some basis in science it is an internally consistent world. Would that other writers and authors would take as much trouble.

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      << "Winds, snows and marshes that astronemers have discovered on Mars
      indicate an atmosphere. Vast reclamation projects following the lines
      of interminable acqueducts presuppose rational inhabitants highly
      developed in engineering and agriculture, naturally suggesting other
      Enormous waste spaces, combined with our knowledge of human nature
      postulate nomadic, warlike and predatory border tribes.
      A constant battle for survival has rendered the Martian merciless
      almost to cruelty. Ages of military service against the apaches of
      the desert have made him loyal, just, fearless, and self reliant.
      Physically I visualize the Martian of the dominant race as a
      distinctly human type with strong features, intelligent expression,
      large and slightly less pronounced muscular development than ours
      owing to the rarer air which he breathes and to less gravity."


      RV --

      Welcome to Barsoom! Your mention of "the Angry Red Planet" reminded me of
      the 50's movie of that name. The view out of the rear-view mirror of the
      space ship as they were taking off was the Mars I grew up with -- centered on
      about 40ยบ W., with Syrtis Major on the left and Margaritifer Sinus on the
      right, crisscrossed by the Euphrates, Phison, Astaboras, and Typhon-Orontes
      canal systems. Straight out of Lowell.


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