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ERBzine News: Moon Attack ~ Hillman Film nominated ~ Tarzan to Holland & TV ~ Camel "Tarzan" ~ Good Comics

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  • Bill and Sue-On Hillman
    ERBzine News Today: www.ERBzine.com/news ===================================== Moon under attack Spaceweather.com ~ September 3, 2006 http://spaceweather.com
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      ERBzine News Today:
      Moon under attack
      Spaceweather.com ~ September 3, 2006
      LUNAR FLASH: As planned, Europe's SMART-1 spacecraft crashed into the Moon this morning, Sept. 3rd, at 0542 UT. The resulting flash was too faint for most backyard telescopes, but a team of astronomers using the big 3.6m CFHT telescope in Hawaii did manage to photograph the explosion. More>>>

      Hillman Film Earns Nod
      Brandon Sun ~ September 2, 2006
      The History channel documentary, Bomber Boys: The Fighting Lancaster,
      whose cast includes Brandon native, Robin Hillman, is one of three television programs created by Winnipeg's Frantic Films nominated for Gemini Awards.

      These nominations are a first for the company, which specializes in live action performance shows, like Pioneer Quest, Klondike: The Quest for Gold and Quest for the Sea, as well as special effects. The company has also been lauded for its special effects work in blockbuster movies like Catwoman, Scooby 2, Paycheck, X-Men 2, Storm of the Century, Superman Returns and others. The Gemini Awards will be televised November 4, on Global Television.

      Tarzan follows Lion King to Holland
      Disney ~ August 30, 2006
      Following a successful two and a half year run, the Disney Theatrical and Stage Entertainment award-winning production of The Lion King ended its run at The Circustheatre, on August 27, 2006 after playing 950 performances. The show opened to rave reviews on May 4, 2004 in Scheveningen, a seaside city just outside The Hague, The Netherlands. In addition, Dutch productions of Beauty and the Beast and Tarzan are on the way. The Dutch-language production entertained nearly 1.7 million people in two and a half years, which
      represents 12% of the entire population of the country.

      As previously announced, Stage Entertainment will present the European premiere of Tarzan: The Broadway Musical at the Circustheatre on April 15, 2007.
      September 2, 2006
      WHO: Phil Collins
      WHAT: Pre-taped feature with additional "behind-the-scenes" access
      WHEN: Saturday, September 2, 7-9am
      WHERE: Airs on NBC's "Weekend Today" (Check your local listings)
      More Info visit NBC Weekend Today
      September 10, 2006
      WHO: The stars and ensemble cast of TarzanĀ®
      WHAT: Live outdoor cast performance
      WHEN: Sunday, September 10,
      WHERE: Times Square
      More Info visit Broadway On Broadway
      September 16, 2006
      WHO: The stars and ensemble cast of TarzanĀ®
      WHAT: Live broadcast of an outdoor cast performance
      More Info visit NBC Weekend Today Concert Series
      WHEN: Saturday, September 16, Concert begins at 7:00am
      WHERE: Studio 1A at Rockefeller Center
      The Shepherd Who Lost His Voice
      Arab News ~ August 28, 2006
      RIYADH - You might have seen films or flipped through comic strips about the adventures of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan could communicate with animals but not with humans after having lived with apes and other denizens of the forest. Muhammad Iqbal, an Indian expatriate, too could not communicate with humans after tending camels for 13 years in the desert of Al-Summan in the Thumama district near Riyadh. Then, following a chance encounter with his own compatriot, he slowly regained his voice and his memory.
      Iqbal came to Riyadh in 1993 to work as a camel herd for his Saudi sponsor. Soon he was packed off to Al-Summan, where he tended camels and drank their milk. He was practically cut off from human contact. His exposure to camels enabled him to communicate with
      those animals, responding to their likes and dislikes, and carry on a symbiotic living. He had also become a denizen of the desert. His only human interface during this period was his sponsor who would come periodically to check on his camels. The only handout Iqbal
      would receive on such visits were packets of bread and some tomatoes. Although he had forgotten his own language, his ability to think remained intact. More>>>

      Comics Should Be Good: Friday in the Embassy
      CBR ~ August 18, 2006
      We were at an evening class at church, and our pastor asked what was new. I explained that I'd had a little field trip for my cartooning students to a local comics show that was a bit of a bust as a field trip, hardly any turnout at all, but I'd done a little shopping so it wasn't a total loss.
      "What did you get?"
      "Tarzan, mostly." I shrugged and grinned.
      "Really!" The reverend perked up. "Tarzan comics? I have a mental picture. I know this from when I was young, it's on the tip of my tongue. Johnny Weissmuller? Was he the first Tarzan?"
      I couldn't help myself. It's a reflex. Maybe a disease. "No, in movies that was a man named Elmo Lincoln. we have it on DVD at the house, actually, Julie gave it to me for Christmas."

      My bride, who was sitting a couple of feet away, giggled and drew an imaginary score mark in the air. I flushed. "But yes, Weissmuller probably was the most famous guy to play him. These comics, though, I wanted because Joe Kubert drew them. Kubert's probably one of the cartoonists I admire the most in comics. He's had an amazing career."

      "What makes you say that?" One of the things I like about our pastor is that Sharon is endlessly curious about everything and everyone; she has a busy, restless intellect. My admiration of Joe Kubert's career had caught her interest and by now a couple of the others at the table were listening too.
      "Well, for one thing, he made his rep in comics largely without doing too many superheroes. Kubert specialized in macho, two-fisted adventure stuff. Sgt. Rock, Tarzan, characters like that. And he founded a school, the only accredited school for comics and cartooning in fact, and he's continuing to produce work today that's widely regarded as top-of-the-line. Won a bunch of awards not too long ago for a book about the conflict in Sarajevo. a true story, a documentary, done in comics form." More>>>
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