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ERBzine News: Over $10M for Broadway Tarzan Pre-Sold ~ Bolgani Tools ~ Lion Murder ~ Tarzan Special Ed. Re-Release

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  • Bill and Sue-On Hillman
    ERBzine News Today: Over $10 Million for Disney s Broadway Tarzan Pre-Sold Disney gets ready to play musical chairs with some of its Broadway musicals Jim
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2005
      ERBzine News Today:

      Over $10 Million for Disney's Broadway Tarzan Pre-Sold
      Disney gets ready to play "musical chairs" with some of its Broadway musicals
      Jim Hill Media ~ September 27, 2005
      Sometimes, you just have to admire the chutzpah of the folks running Disney Theatrical.
      I mean, here they are. Their next musical, "Tarzan," doesn't even open at the Richard Rogers Theater 'til May 9th of next year. But these guys are already hard at work on the musical that they'll open after that. And the musical after that. And the musical after that. . . .
      Industry insiders don't know quite what to make of Disney's decision not to take "Tarzan" out-of-town for a try-out. From a financial point-of-view, it certainly makes sense. Given what it would have cost to truck all of Pichon Baldinu's flying rigs back and forth to Boston. But the only problem with doing six weeks of previews in New York is all those prying eyes. As in: Broadway insiders who will attend early performances of "Tarzan" and then go home and post their opinions of the show on www.talkinbroadway.com. This is the one aspect of staying in town that actually concerns the folks at Disney Theatrical. That the catty crew over at All That Chat might get some bad buzz going about the show while "Tarzan" 's creative team is still working out the kinks. And should the mainstream press pick up on these rumors ... Well, that might result in "Tarzan" becoming another long running Broadway hit . . .

      One final warning about this new Disney Theatrical show: You may want to move quickly if you're looking to secure tickets for "Tarzan." Disney has already made this show available for group sales. And -- as of today -- over $10 million worth of seats for this show have already been sold. And given that the Broadway version of "Tarzan" is allegedly costing Disney Theatrical around $10 million to produce ... Well, this may be the very first time that a show will actually in the black before it opens on Broadway.

      Wild Gorillas Seen To Use Tools
      BBC News ~ September 30, 2005
      "What's fascinating is the similarity between what these creatures have done and what we do." Thomas Breuer

      Gorillas have been seen for the first time using simple tools to perform tasks in the wild, researchers say. Scientists observed gorillas in a remote Congolese forest using sticks to test the depth of muddy water and to cross swampy areas. Wild chimps and orangutans also use tools, suggesting that the origins of tool use may predate the evolutionary split between apes and humans. Gorillas are endangered, with some populations numbered in the hundreds.
      More. . .
      Sam's barred from playing Tarzan on Broadway ... because he's not American
      Evening Times UK ~ September 2005

      A TALENTED schoolboy could be blocked from playing Tarzan in a £6million Broadway production because of union rules. Casting bosses want Sam Angell, 11, to play the starring role in the Disney show after he impressed them with his acting talents and convincing American accent at auditions in New York. But because he is not an American, the US Actors' Equity Association have banned him from playing the part of Boy Tarzan in the big-budget musical - which has a score written by Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Phil Collins - when it opens in New York in May next year. Now lawyers are looking at the case to see if anything can be done to get round the strict rules. The union states foreigners cannot appear on Broadway unless "they are an established star or can do something that an American actor can't do".
      Asiana Airlines flies to the Windy City
      Welcome To Manila Bulletin Online ~ September 27, 2005
      Discover this Midwestern American city full of vibrant museums, restaurants, historic sites, great shopping, architectural wonders, and a downtown area that most film lovers will recognize. Pierce Brosnan stole paintings from a Chicago museum in "The Thomas Crown Affair." Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman fell in love walking home in "While You Were Sleeping." Richard Gere swayed in "Shall We Dance?." And of course, in Chicago, most recently, its downtown streets became Gotham City in "Batman Begins."
      Chicago offers tourist sites such as the Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, the must-not-be missed Art Institute of Chicago, and the Shedd Aquarium. Other landmarks are Navy Pier, the Sears Tower Skydeck, and Lincoln Park Zoo. In the suburbs, visit places that honor some of Chicago's well-known personalities like the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, the Ernest Hemingway Museum, and the Edgar Rice Burroughs Museum.

      Life for S Africa lion murderer
      BBC News ~ September 30, 2005
      A South African man convicted of murdering a man whose remains were found in a lion enclosure has been sentenced to life in prison. White farmer Mark Scott-Crossley and an employee beat up black former worker Nelson Chisale, and threw him to lions. The court was unable to establish whether Mr Chisale was already dead when he was thrown into the enclosure, as Scott-Crossley claimed during his defence. The only remains recovered were a few bones and some shredded clothing.
      Disney Press Release:
      TARZAN: Special Edition ~ Swinging Onto DVD October 18!
      The Original Adventure, With All-New Games, Music Video, and More
      BURBANK, Calif., September 28, 2005 - Swing into action and adventure with Disney's classic animated masterpiece, TARZAN®, packed with fun-filled bonus features and soaring, unforgettable music including "Trashin' The Camp" and the Academy-Award® winning "You'll Be In My Heart" (Best Original Song, 1999).
      This SPECIAL EDITION features the new "Terk's Tree Surfing Challenge," which includes three games. There is the all-new music video "Strangers Like Me" performed by Everlife; a new Disneypedia featurette on "Living In The Jungle;" plus deleted scenes including an alternate opening, filmmaker's audio commentary, and music videos featuring Phil Collins and 'N Sync.
      Disney's magnificent animated adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough's famous story of the legendary ape man begins deep within the jungle when baby Tarzan® is adopted by a family of gorillas. Even though he is shunned as a "hairless wonder" by their leader, Tarzan® is accepted by the gorillas and raised as one of their own. Together with his wisecracking ape buddy Terk and neurotic elephant pal Tantor, Tarzan® learns how to "surf" and swing through the trees and survive in the animal kingdom. His "two worlds" collide with the arrival of humans and the beautiful Jane, forcing Tarzan® to choose between a "civilized" life and the life he knows and loves with his gorilla family. Filled with humor, heart and hilarious fun, TARZAN®, is a timeless story of adventure.
      TARZAN® features an all-star voice cast. Minnie Driver, Glenn Close, Rosie O'Donnell, Tony Goldwyn, Brian Blessed, Nigel Hawthorne, Lance Henriksen and Wayne Knight bring this classic story to life.
      DVD bonus features:
      . Terk's Tree Surfing Challenge (NEW)
      Three separate games in one, with increased difficulty in each game. Included are "Jungle Memory," "Banana Round Up," and "Clayton's Trap."
      . Disneypedia: Living In The Jungle (NEW)
      Learn about elephants, gorillas, baboons, and leopards in this fun and educational DisneyPedia. See how the real-life animals compare to their animated counterparts.
      . "Strangers Like Me" music video performed by Everlife (NEW)
      . "You'll Be In My Heart" music video performed by Phil Collins
      . "Strangers Like Me" music video performed by Phil Collins
      . "Trashin' The Camp" studio session with Phil Collins and 'N Sync
      . Deleted scenes
      . Alternate opening
      . Filmmaker audio commentary

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