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How about a Barsoom website ?

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  • Jeff Doten
    Hi guys, as we ve all noticed, the chat line has been a little quite lately. Not that I ve sent in anything either have I ?. I m the guy with the Moon Maid
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 1999
      Hi guys, as we've all noticed, the chat line has been a little quite lately.
      Not that I've sent in anything either have I ?.

      I'm the guy with the Moon Maid site and as a big ERB fan. I've been lurking
      on a few ERB chat sites. At the moment most of the chat is Tarzan, Tarzan,
      Tarzan, Jane, Disney, Tarzan.... Tantor, Tarzan.... Personally I really
      liked the Disney Tarzan, but I want to talk about Barsoom. I love Barsoom. I
      was obsessed with it as a teen, to me ERB is Barsoom.

      Anyways, have you guys thought of doing a Barsoom website and linking it to
      this list ? You could advertise all over the other ERB sites to try and
      increase membership and maybe run monthly or bi-monthly articles or
      something (submited by your membership of course )as a bit of a draw. The
      whole point would be to contact,and keep in contact with others with similar

      On a somewhat differant topic, I know that a Disney Barsoom movie tends
      tofloat around as a favorite topic. It's one of mine. I noticed on Deja.com
      (appropriatly named huh ?) they have been discussing it, as to whether
      Disney is the right studio and all. They don't really seem aware of all of
      the smaller branches of Disney like Hollywood pictures, that they produce
      the film under. This would allow a non-Disney treatment. Hey, Disney had
      it's finger in Starship Troopers. That should suggest they are capable of
      just about anything (take that as you will ).I'm enthused about a Barsoom
      movie, I mean this year we've seen Tarzan, a new Star Wars and there is
      Dune, The Dragon Riders of Pern, Lord of the Rings all in production. Why
      not Barsoom ?

      - Jeff, making up for not posting for a while. (and making sure you know
      about www.jeddak.com, the Burroughs Bibliophiles new site )
      Jeff Doten's Illustration Studio
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