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  • Fredrik Ekman
    Jul 20, 2000

      Not much traffic here lately. Nor do I have any immediate
      intentions to rememdy that, I must admit. Fact is that I am
      going to join one of the other ERB mailing lists for a while
      (although I will stay on this one as well; it is not like the
      traffic volume makes it unbearable). Since I know that many
      of you are members of several lists, I would like your input
      on what list is best to join, considering that I do not think
      I will have time for more than one.

      What I am after is a list that is good for asking questions
      about the Martian novels, collectables and ERB's life. Are
      there any differences between the lists regarding the
      membership's knowledge, friendliness and the volume of mail?