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6664RE: Warlord of Ghandor Sequel?

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  • keithbvaughn
    Oct 22 11:58 AM

      You may want to ask him if he would care to epublish it.


      ---In barsoom@yahoogroups.com, <barsoom@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Here are the pertinent aspects fof Mr. Dowdell's response to me:
      "Thank you for your nice words. As for why I didn't write a sequel under the DAW, I did, and had 11 books outlined and planned to write on the subject. Donald A. Wolheim (DAW), along with his wife, came to my house in Southern California not long after publishing my book way back then and we had a lengthy discussion about his business, my writing, and who got published and who didn't and why. At the time he thought I wrote very well and was looking forward to another book. However, rewrites and discussions dragged on for some time and life got more hectic and involved (wife, 7 kids, career, traveling, etc) and by the time I got back to it, Wolheim was ill and his wife and (son/partner?) had taken over the business and were not interested in sequels, etc.
       Ghandor (by the way, the title of that book was submitted as Warrior Legions--Wolheim changed it to Warlord).
      If you have read "Spearmen of Arn," you might be interested in knowing that the book was about 25% longer, with two full chapters cut out, which caused many references elsewhere in the book not to make much sense, and there was a much longer and more detailed intro that made the whole story line more understanding. However, Tower was a budget-oriented publisher, I learned later, and did some creative editing which annoyed me no end.
      Also, Wolheim did not publish the laboriously studied addendums about language and other explanations in Ghandor that were eluded to in the story-line that further explained some of the situational events--one of which was the very scientific method of magnetic propulsion, etc.
      Anyway, that's about it. The Ghandor sequel somewhere along the line became lost and, being typewritten in those days, there was no computer copy, etc. "
      Steve back. I hope to hear further from Mr. Dowdell but in any event, I find his above comments most interesting!
      Steve S./Seg/ S.J.S.
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