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6644Warlord of Ghandor

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  • Steve
    Sep 30, 2013
      It's been a few years but I'm now rereading Dell Dowdell's "Warlord of Ghandor." It is one of my favorite Planetary Adventure books but there was never a sequel though if a novel ever called for one, this ones does. As you might recall, it ends like the first John Carter, Tarll Cabot, Green Star and Dray Prescot books, with the hero returned to Earth and praying for a way back to Barsoom, Gor, the World of the Green Star and Kregen.
      The blurb on the back cover includes:
      "Here is a novel in the grand tradition of John Carter, of Dray Prescot, of Tarl Cabot. Here is one man against a world, one man to save a princess, one man to fight, to lead. to conquer or die.
      Every one who loves high heroism on a distant planet will thrill to the mighty adventores of Robert of Eire of Ghandor."
      Isn't that right, Mefto?