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  • Bill and Sue-On Hillman
    Sep 12, 2013
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      ERBzine.com Weekly: September 13, 2013
      * Another series of ERB, Inc. Sunday pages debuts this week
      * More extraordinary Barsoom maps and major article:
      - The Fall of Ancient Barsoom
      - (and Some Thoughts on How This Shaped Barsoomian Race and Culture)
      - by Steven A. Warner and Oberon Zell
      * More Denny "Tarzan" Miller Flashbacks: This week: "Good Luck"
      * Dum-Dum 2013 Louisville photo coverage continues:
      - Friday Diners at Freedom Hall
      -  Huckster Room: Presenters ~ Dealers ~ Bidders
      * Burroughs Bulletin #87: Summer 2011: Covers and Contents
      - The latest catch-up issue from editor Henry Franke III
      * Hal Foster's 1938 Prince Valiant - Two Weeks:
      - Haunted Castle and Panic
      * TARZAN AND THE FORBIDDEN CITY: 12 Rex Maxon strips from 1938
      * This week we continue with the Gray Morrow Sunday Pages.
      With a special guest appearance by George McWhorter
      Tarzan and the King of the Circus - All 12 weeks from 1994
      Plus links to last year's features
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      Bill Hillman
      Editor and Webmaster for the
      Edgar Rice Burroughs Tribute Websites and Webzines
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