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  • Den Valdron
    Jun 3, 2010
      On another subject, Rick, you might want to check out Ringo Starr's caveman, which features a seriously overweight T-rex, a pterodactyl, and an unidentifiable reptiloid which seems to be a giant cross between a stegosaurian and a chameleon. 

      Sorry to hear about the Barsoom vegetation paper going tits up.

      I'm working on a paper about the Sleestak from Land of the Lost.  Want to read it?

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      Subject: [barsoom] aaarrrggghhh
      Received: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 11:44 AM


      I have been working for MONTHS on the Barsoom Vegetation paper.

      35 pages of notes and reference.

      Backed it up on Friday, then Monday I began to work on the paper.

      11 pages of part one done, working on part 2 (3 pages) and...


      SUDDENLY for no reason, it got erased!

      I now have to go back, reread llana of gathol, re-add those references and


      THEN try to rewrite the entire paper!



      Rick Johnson


      "Those who give up a little freedom in return for a little imagined security

      will soon find that they have neither."

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