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3116Re: [barsoom] Re: Far Future Earth/Victorian Mars simularities

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  • jhuckenp@aol.com
    Apr 2, 2006
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      In a message dated 2/4/06 18:41:36, xenophile2002@... writes:

      > An advanced enough technology (mature nanotech?) presumably WOULD be able
      > to to something about it, but will we "quit smoking" and live long enough to
      > see it?
      More importantly, would it make any difference? One major volcanic eruption
      puts more crud into the atmosphere in two weeks than the human race has since
      the beginning of the industrial revolution.

      Earth's climate has been alternately warming and cooling for over 4 billion
      years. We're coming out of an ice age -- OF COURSE the climate is getting
      warmer. The idea that we can have any effect on it strikes me as the height of


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