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3112Re: Far Future Earth/Victorian Mars simularities

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  • friendlypuffin
    Apr 2, 2006
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      --- In barsoom@yahoogroups.com, "keithbvaughn" <keithbvaughn@...>
      > To the Group,
      > For a game I have been writing off and on for years (One Million AD-
      > Tales of the Forgotten Earth) I have been reading stories of a far
      > future earth. What has struck me as very curious is the
      > between the visions of a decadent earth and victorian mars eg
      > at times.
      > Drying seas or dead seas, ruins of cities, leftover technology of
      > superscience and the deadliness of awakening it. Societies stuck at
      > medieval or barbarian levels often with some advanced anachronistic
      > societies left over. Swords all over the place. It seems to almost
      > a hash or a disguise of planetary romances.
      > Has anyone else noticed this?
      > Keith

      Yes, now yo mention it this does seem very similar. There are some
      distinct similarities with the decadent, primitive-yet-advanced
      nature of HG Well's future in the Time Machine. And also, if global
      warming takes the effect some think it will, perhaps it will happen
      sooner than we think.
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