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3109Far Future Earth/Victorian Mars simularities

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  • keithbvaughn
    Apr 1, 2006
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      To the Group,

      For a game I have been writing off and on for years (One Million AD--
      Tales of the Forgotten Earth) I have been reading stories of a far
      future earth. What has struck me as very curious is the resemblences
      between the visions of a decadent earth and victorian mars eg barsoom
      at times.

      Drying seas or dead seas, ruins of cities, leftover technology of
      superscience and the deadliness of awakening it. Societies stuck at
      medieval or barbarian levels often with some advanced anachronistic
      societies left over. Swords all over the place. It seems to almost be
      a hash or a disguise of planetary romances.

      Has anyone else noticed this?

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