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1273Re: Barsoomian ammunition

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  • Saroda Mara
    May 12, 2004
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      --- In barsoom, "Javier" wrote:

      > I know that generally the folks on Barsoom used the shell that
      > exploded on contact with the sun once the outer shell was cracked.
      > Did they not also use a non explosive shell at night? I forgot
      > where I read that

      To quote the source material:

      _A Princess of Mars_
      Chapter XIII -- Love-Making On Mars

      They have had me down in the pits below the buildings helping them mix
      their awful radium powder, and make their terrible projectiles. You
      know that these have to be manufactured by artificial light, as
      exposure to sunlight always results in an explosion. You have noticed
      that their bullets explode when they strike an object? Well, the
      opaque, outer coating is broken by the impact, exposing a glass
      cylinder, almost solid, in the forward end of which is a minute
      particle of radium powder. The moment the sunlight, even though
      diffused, strikes this powder it explodes with a violence which
      nothing can withstand. If you ever witness a night battle you will
      note the absence of these explosions, while the morning following the
      battle will be filled at sunrise with the sharp detonations of
      exploding missiles fired the preceding night. As a rule, however,
      non-exploding projectiles are used at night.?
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