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1272RE: [barsoom] Barsoomian ammunition

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  • Smith, Todd
    May 12, 2004
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      In Princess, it is mentioned that in the context of Green Barsoomian women
      working in industry that solid nonexplosive ammunition was used at night.
      Of course, in a pitched battle near dusk, you might not have reloaded to
      "ball" ammunition and there could be live rounds ready to cook off the next

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      At 06:03 PM 5/12/04 +0000, Javier wrote:
      >I know that generally the folks on Barsoom used the shell that
      >exploded on contact with the sun once the outer shell was cracked.
      >Did they not also use a non explosive shell at night? I forgot
      >where I read that

      I don't recall a non explosive shell (though that doesn't mean one wasn't
      mentioned). I do recall mention of the dangers of the battlefield at dawn
      after a night battle.


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