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Travis you have pioneered a system which has become standard around the world. You have done a wonderful service. Neal
Oct 5, 2016

Re: green water

Don't waste your time on the book. All the info is readily available on the web from where it came. Including the part that I wrote. Travis
Oct 4, 2016

Re: green water

I've built several systems that have 10 barrel halves for one IBC fish tank. I use a standard Barrel-Ponics Flood tank with two 55 gallon barrels on their
Oct 4, 2016

Re: Is someone in southern Alabama?

there is a very experienced person doing aquaponics ... Tom Pate in Northern Pan Handle Florida a few miles from you. I have visited him in person and he
Bobby Ray
Jul 29, 2016

Is someone in southern Alabama?

Hi, looking for someone in this group in Alabama. I'm in the Dothan area. Angelika
Jul 26, 2016

Re: green water

some still have not understood that the ratio of surface for the plants versus volume of the fish tank is solely dependent on stocking density in the fish
Frank De Block-Burij
Jan 11, 2016

Re: green water

I used to get a lot more of these emails too… Wonder what is up with that. According to Aquaponics gardening a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of grow bed to tank volume
Dustin Gannon
Jan 11, 2016

Re: green water

I had basically the same system. One IBC will easily handle four blue barrel halves. If you can put a sump equivalent to one blue barrel and pump the water
Jan 11, 2016

Re: green water

HI Travis, I was reading an old article in which you said that it was important to design a system with the proper relation ships and volumes among the various
Bobby Ray
Jan 8, 2016

Re: Starting with Tilapia

Sorry  But I am about design two differit aquaponics systems one for me and one for a horse farm. I can pass the info a long if you would like.... From:
James Daley
Apr 30, 2015

Re: Starting with Tilapia

cool do u have any vidios On Tuesday, April 21, 2015 12:34 PM, "James Daley jrdaley_home@... [barrelponics]" wrote:   I
chris allan
Apr 21, 2015

Re: Starting with Tilapia

I have been doing aquaponics for the last  few years utilizing snails. I just switched over to tilopia and found a few things out that i didnt find online 7
James Daley
Apr 21, 2015

Seeking candidate to operate large aquaponics system in Honduras..

Greetings, We are currently seeking the right person (or couple) to take over daily operation of a large aquaponics system in Honduras at an orphanage. This
Apr 1, 2015

24 VAC Efficient Pumps Suitable For Solar Aquaponics

Over the last four months I made an elaborate competitive study of highly efficient DC pumps... that would be suitable for solar powered aquaponics... with the
Ron Mauldin
Feb 4, 2015

Re: Need info on Univ./colleges/ seminaries that include AP...

to clarify a bit: I am managing a very large aquaponics system in Honduras for an orphanage run by a Christian ministry. The administrators of the ministry
Jan 31, 2015
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