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race results july 4th

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  • Barona Speedway
    Next Race: July 18th Pro Stocks, Factory Stocks, Pony Stocks, Pure Stocks, Dwarfs, 600 Sprints, Mini Dwarfs Barona Speedway Race Results for July 4th Factory
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2009
      Next Race: July 18th
      Pro Stocks, Factory Stocks, Pony Stocks, Pure Stocks, Dwarfs, 600 Sprints, Mini Dwarfs

      Barona Speedway Race Results for July 4th

      Factory Stocks
      99 eric evans
      37 roger harper
      10 mike pridgeon
      0 greg mann
      07 tom mcginn
      25 curtis dietzsch
      6 dennis taylor sr.
      28 dave evangelou
      9 devon felkner
      88 aaron mari
      89 russell staley
      71 kendall reagan
      33 bob graham III
      80 chris wilder
      67 dennis taylor II
      05 robert hughes sr.
      12 chris fritz
      71x alan grubel
      Dnf 90 james garrett
      Dnf 90x david varette
      Dns 64 jimmy hegedty
      Dns 47 david wetzel
      Dns 44 tom dotts
      Dns 14 ron triska
      Dns 91 daniel garrett
      Dns 40 mike rumbaugh

      Sportsman Dwarfs
      14 joel meziere
      77 cole dick
      99 darren brent
      11 gary richardson
      81 mikey hall
      22 darren brown
      96 cody perucci
      22x chase catania
      54 david taft
      1 mike mcglone
      11x john henry
      2 shannon brewer
      Dnf 17 james mundell
      Dnf 15 bryan lyttle
      Dnf 5 rick shearer
      Dnf 33 joe luna
      Dnf 7 phil confer
      Dns 00 scott dunham

      Pure Stock
      99 dartman fritz
      34 mike rebello
      35 wane rebello
      17 mark little page
      21 rick porter
      42 jr trent
      2 jim ramsey
      57 chris toth
      71 richard heisel
      38 cole dick
      19 dennis chronister
      Dnf 09 eric shockey
      Dnf 37 nanci harper
      Dnf 88 tom smith
      Dnf 89 lyle harper

      IMCA Modifieds
      23 rich rose
      88 keith smith
      0 paul damberger
      20 stephen eaton
      00x josh gabardi
      8x dwayne Dalton
      01 robert pierce
      40 joseph altig
      22 bobby brown jr.
      51 corey driscoll
      24 tom eaton jr.
      Dnf 19sb lance mari
      Dnf 72 kyle morris
      Dnf 77 eddie morris

      Pro Dwarfs
      22 bobby brown jr.
      14v kevin drake
      94 ron dunlap
      75 bruce elliott
      22x chase catania
      98v Jason cline
      57x bill groves jr.
      24v justin morgan
      7v brent brewer
      Dnf 13 mike shively
      Dnf 35v kyle cline
      Dnf 4 ken brady

      Pro Stock
      28 david liedike
      44x larry corning
      94 calvin caha
      72 steve roche
      1 david brewer
      17 gordon waugh
      Dnf 6 allan wold
      Dnf 225 steve worst ell
      Dnf 7 david kilpela
      Dns 2 pat bradley
      Dns 40 keith altig

      Pony Stock
      8 paul dyke
      3 earl downing
      93 robert minnick
      33 pj dyke
      07 damon thomas
      37 nick braddy
      64 tony walter
      Dnf 61 james cook

      Kids Racing
      Junior sprints
      53 juston dyke
      59 danne perry III
      54 nathan deragon
      44x tommy crow

      Mini Dwarf Modified
      54 nathan deragon
      0007 michael tobias on
      18 mitchell niemi
      99 bryce roe

      Mini Dwarf Stock
      10 nick rounkles
      11 dawson cram
      59 danne perry III
      51 timothy meziere
      53 kelsey shockey
      20 sarah carr
      50 brian mcrae
      98 shelby perucci
      88 Cassandra carr

      All Drivers, please make a note - Scoring issues, are to be directed
      to Chris at Cporfilio @ sbcglobal.net
      and points issues, go to Skip Davis.
      The results are considered "official" 1 week after being posted on the
      Yahoo site. Thank you

      Race results are posted after the race:
      Follow us on race night.

      The track is located 4.8 miles north of the Barona Casino on
      Wildcat Canyon Rd. between Lakeside and Ramona, in Southern
      California. 1750 Wildcat Canyon Road Lakeside CA 92040

      Gates open 11:30 Pre Tech 11:30-3:00 Mandatory Drivers meeting 3:00 (Pro
      Dwarfs must bring their cars to staging) Practice 3:30-5:00 Five minutes or
      five laps per group Heat races 5:15 Intermission 7:30-8:00 Mini Dwarfs and
      track prep during this period Main Events 8:00 ----- 20 laps or 20 minutes

      Please note: all the volunteers you see, volunteer so that prices can stay
      affordable for both drivers and spectators. And also have dirt racing in San
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