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1962Barona Speedway Race Results 3/30/2013

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  • baronaspeedwaymoderator
    Apr 3, 2013
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      Next Race:
      April 13th - IMCA Modifieds, Super Stocks, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, Pro Pony Stocks, Pony Stocks, Dwarf Cars, Mini Dwarfs, Jr. Sprints

      Barona Speedway Race Results 3/30/2013

      Dwarf Cars
      22 bobby brown jr
      5v angel figueroa
      05v austen figueroa
      14x kevin drake
      94v ron dunlap
      07 michael tobiason
      99 darren brent
      1v ronnie williams
      21 darren brown
      27 austin weiland
      7a phil confer
      28 john isabella
      9 kyle fletcher
      23 matthew hicks
      3 ray klimas
      90 josh cochran
      Dnf 54 david taft
      Dnf 56 bill dodd
      Dnf 76 john hoffman
      Dnf 64 brian mcintosh
      Dnf 7 mikey hall

      Pure Stock
      50 robert hughes jr.
      54 john krempp sr.
      28 dave evangelou
      26 patrick hartley
      47x donny deffenbaugh
      9 marie bradt
      52 steve porter
      44 tommy crow
      47 jd rose
      09 brandon painter
      Dnf 36 lynn davis
      Dnf 99 randy alldredge

      IMCA Modifieds
      33d pj dyke
      21 eddie morris
      86 josh thompson
      01 robert pierce
      24 tom eaton jr.
      29 dustin stanley
      48 mark barlow
      Dnf 22 chris niemi
      Dnf 23 mitchell niemi
      Dnf 9 eric evans
      Dnf 39 corey driscoll
      Dns 77 steve wallace

      Mini Dwarf Stock Cars
      42 kyle dodd
      7 shane sexton
      16 kade mcgown
      86 danika thompson
      21 daisy mcrae
      85 taylor shunk
      79 natalie gaul
      74 sydney sexton
      10 austin
      05 maddy gaul
      25 chase wilson
      48 corbin shockey

      Street Stock
      17 gary rodriguez
      3 tim neuhaus
      24 tommy kerr
      88 john campos
      74 tony cortes
      09 paula youngs
      27 dave evangelou
      67 dennis taylor II
      53 rick schnereger
      30 rod robison
      Dnf 18 sunny trent

      Pony/Pro Pony Stock
      8 justin dyke
      93 robert minnick
      19 chris laff
      15 cody parenteau
      04 kelsey shockey
      22 george wolf
      Dnf 25 shane hoagland
      Dnf 94 chris smith

      Junior Sprints
      23 brian mcrae
      47 emilee thing
      35 jason saunders
      20 sara carr
      57 lauren shockey
      14 jake trisca
      33 alex shvetzov
      58 nathan shunk

      Super Stock
      67 eric ferguson
      17 gordon waugh
      7 david kilpela
      Dnf 15 dan mckenna

      Race results are posted after the race:
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      Please note: all the volunteers you see, volunteer so that prices can stay affordable for both drivers and spectators. And also have dirt racing in San Diego.

      San Diego's only semi banked 1/4 mile clay oval track.
      1750 Wildcat Canyon Road Lakeside CA 92040
      The track is located 4.8 miles north of the Barona Casino on
      Wildcat Canyon Rd. between Lakeside and Ramona, in Southern California

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