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2nd Call For Quartetting Reports-September GUBOQS Gazette

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  • Casey Parker
    8/21/10 2nd Call-We will make room for your chapter Quarteting program. cp 8/1/10 Call For Quartetting Reports- September GUBOQS Gazette Send your Chapter
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2010
      2nd Call-We will make room for your chapter Quarteting program. cp
      Call For Quartetting Reports- September GUBOQS Gazette
      Send your Chapter Quartetting Program for inclusion

      To: Harmonetters,SPEBnet,AHSOWnet,BQPA;
      Cc:Mark Sheldon,BarbershopQuartet,FWD
      Bcc: Distr LS, Authors

      This is the call for papers for the September
      2010 issue of the GUBOQS Gazette*, an independent
      pro-quartet publication. We publish success
      stories describing regular quartet encouragement
      sessions held during SPEBSQSA chapter
      meetings. We seek creative ideas to share which
      influence members to experience
      quartetting. Authors receive free introductory issues

      Do your quartet sessions give every member an
      opportunity to sing with three others at every
      meeting? Email me a one page article describing
      your program. The target date for your article is two weeks from today.

      Thank you,

      Casey Parker
      GUBOQS Gazette

      *PS - Subscriptions ($10 via email) are available from:
      C. Parker
      305 Vineyard T,C. Way 113
      Morgan Hill, CA 95037

      Subscribe free to the Society member's listserve,
      SPEBnet: "The barbershopper's voice". This is a
      forum for member discussion. We conduct polls
      and advise SPEBSQSA management of poll results.


      1. Send the following email: [click the blue]


      2. In the Yahoo! reply, use this method to subscribe:

      "(1) Go to the Yahoo! Groups site by clicking on the blue link: "


      4. In the "comment to owner" block, enter your
      real name and SPEBSQSA member number.

      5. Complete the form & click "Join" at the end.
      You will receive a confirming email.
      Thank you for your cooperation.

      Casey Parker
      SPEBnet Moderator

      PS - If you are not now a member of
      any Yahoo! group, please first join Yahoo! at.
      ------------------------------------last issue TOC---------------------
      The GUBOQS Gazette
      An occasional publication of the GUBOQS Group
      (Get Us Back Our QUARTET Society, formerly GUBOS)
      Volume 21, Issue 4 June 2010
      Dedicated to the interchange of ideas on restoring quartetting to spebsQsa

      Great Quartet News from the Westchester Chordsmen
      Submitted 5/22/10 by Bill Kruse

      Today There's Less Quartetting – and Less Entertainment
      From Chuck Crawford of The Saints [FWD Champs
      1959, 5th International 1960 and 1961]

      We Need More Informal Quartetting
      From Ray Scroggins

      The Society is in Danger of Collapse
      By Tom Neal

      The Orange, CA Quartet Chapter is Alive and Well
      By Mike Werner

      The Scituate, MA Chapter is Quartetting and Having Fun
      By Paul Malley

      Quartetting is Alive and Well in New York, NY
      by Steve Skolnick

      Quartetting at the Cherry Hill, NJ Chapter
      By Pete Whitman

      Chapter Quartetting a Success in Springfield, IL
      By Gary Davis

      The Arizona Quartet Chapter Offers Opportunities for Quartetting
      by Scott Bratcher

      Quartetting Encourages Singers at the East Valley, AZ Chapter
      by Barney Griffin, Tenor of 2 Under Par

      Quartet Development Program at the Newmarket, ON Chapter
      By Dave McCaffrey

      Chapter Quartets Compete in Annapolis, MD
      By Jay Bansbach

      Quartetting at the San Francisco, CA Chapter
      By Fred Merrick

      Designing a Music Program to Support New Members
      By Charles Feltman, San Francisco Chapter

      A Look at the Early Society's Formula for Growth
      By Kirk Roose

      A Look at Quartetting in the Lake Charles, LA Chapter Circa 1947
      By Bob Landry

      Quartetting Then (Milwaukee circa 1958) and Now
      By Ray Scroggins
      More News From Chapters

      Quartetting in Central Arizona
      By Rex Touslee, Arizona Quartet Chapter President and BQPA Festival Chairman

      The Orange Quartet Chapter to Revive the Southern
      California Comedy Quartet Contest!
      By Mark Sheldon

      Updates to the Orange Quartet Chapter Website
      By Mark Sheldon

      NEW -Harmony Song Index- 8,560 Song Titles with
      Composer & Year. Casey Parker's Harmony Archive
      has 6,000 arrangements and 10,000 harmony type
      piano-vocals. The Harmony Archive has available
      four-partsongbooks and Harmony Guides for sale.
      Did you know that pre-1923 songs are Public
      Domain, hence have no royalties or fees?Sheet
      Music published prior to 1923 often included four
      part arrangements. We have 200.
      From the Society Code of Ethics: “...The Society
      aspires to preserve for its members and for all
      future generations of prospective members the
      sacred right of men to seek haven from the burden
      of their daily cares through indulgence in old
      fashioned vocal quartet harmony.....”
      winning Orange Bulletin Editor. He will edit and
      write articles onQuartetting, and Editorials.
      Email an article to <caseypar [at] garlic [dot]
      com>or <oqcmark [at] yahoo [dot] com>
      Editorial Policies: Submissions are encouraged,
      but publication is at the discretion of the
      Editor, and all submissions are subject to
      editing. Opinions expressed are those of the
      authors or cited sources as indicated.
      The GUBOQS Gazette
      Editors: Casey Parker & Mark Sheldon
      Subscriptions $12 payable to C. Parker. $10 by email
      Founders: Jack Baird, Charlie Johnson, Mark
      Lubart, John Mill, Max Minor (deceased), Dave
      Mohr, Tom Neal, Joe Shekleton, Fred Storck, Dick Stuart.
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