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RE: [barbershopquartet] Still looking to join a competitive quartet

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  • Jack Sturm
    Yes I m a Tenor. However, living in rural Alabama makes it kind of hard to get three other guys to sing with. The closest chorus is about 65 miles away and
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      Yes I'm a Tenor.  However, living in rural Alabama makes it kind of hard to get three other guys to sing with.

      The closest chorus is about 65 miles away and that is where I found the "three other guys."

      So, I travel down there (Florida Gulf Coast) on a weekly basis to ENJOY. (Destiny Quartet)

      We rotate so they come up here about every fourth rehearsal. That works out pretty good. Most of our singouts are down there which is OK. I don't mind the travel.

      I've heard that there are a lot of choruses in the Boston area. (Ev Nau) So I guess it would be easier to find a quartet.

      Those of you that live in a rural area or not close to a chorus might try some church choirs.

      Be as proactive as you can and the right quartet will come along.


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      Jack, I assume from your handle that you're a Tenor?  Wow, in the Boston area a tenor could get into five or ten quartets in a couple of weeks, if he wanted - they're hot property up here.
      I think the best way of networking to get into quartets is probably to visit local chapters at their weekly meetings and simply announce that you're interested in joining a quartet. You get a chance to try out some polecats or tags with interested parties, and they're likelier to remember your face when they get to the point where they want to commit to a quartet.
      Dave (in Lowell) 
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      Yer not alone. It wasn't easy to find a quartet in LA (Lower Alabama) either. hang in there, the wait will be worth it.


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      Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 01:57:46 +0000
      Subject: [barbershopquartet] Still looking to join a competitive quartet

      I just joined a couple other new 'quartetting' sites looking for a quartet within NED who needs a Bass......I' ve been beating my head against the wall for nearly three years now trying to get into an existing quartet needing a 'replacement' Bass or to join a 'brand-new' quartet just forming up who need a Bass....

      I live in Portland, Maine and 'honest to goodness' I'd be willing to drive 75 miles to get to a rehearsal site......O. K. maybe even 100 miles (jeez, that's Boston !) I sight-read music well, have a good ear, stay on pitch(although I don't have perfect pitch) once that cookie is chewed. I work extremely hard to know my music and come prepared to rehearsal... ...ask my Portland Downeasters Chorus(K-015) Director(s).

      I can't believe that I haven't received an inquiry yet(must be my Z.Z. Top beard) !! Dogs and kids love me.....women don't run away when they see me, I bathe, wear deodorant, brush and floss my teeth regular-like( no bad breath)..... what more could a quartet ask for ?!?

      I just turned 54 years old and at this point I guess I'm looking to team up in a seniors quartet for competition unless some young guys need a 'PAPPY'..... .I'm very easy to get along with.....I can provide some good references from 'known' names within NED who have heard me sing and who know me personally.

      Somebody call me or email me, just so I know I'm 'not alone' out here in cyberspace pursuing the 'Impossible Dream'.


      Ed Headley (207) 773-9766 ewheadley@yahoo. com

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