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  • gr8kat1@aol.com
    Hi! I m looking for Barber ancestors (of course, or I wouldn t be here :) My earliest Barber that I m halfway sure of is Stephen Van Rensellaer Barber,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2000
      Hi! I'm looking for Barber ancestors (of course, or I wouldn't be here :)

      My earliest Barber that I'm halfway sure of is Stephen Van Rensellaer Barber, supposed to be born about 1816.

      Here's what I know about his descendants and ancestors, though the anestors are purely speculative at this point--they've not been confirmed:

      1 Jesse BARBER: b. 27/Apr/1746, d. 1808; A book called "Landmarks of Albany County," by Parker, calls him Lemuel Barber (but that's believed to be a mistake?). It says he came to America from France and settled in Dutchess County, New York. He married Mary BRAMAN, b. 9/Sep/1763, d. 1836; and they resided in Coxsacki, Green County, NY, and Berne, Albany Co., NY.
      2 Deborah, b. 1795, m. Dr. Samuel CURE
      2 Simeon, b. 1793
      2 Rosetta, b. 11/Jan/1801; lived in Berne, NY; d. 14/Jun/1858; m. William VINCENT
      2 Gideon, b. in Dutchess Co., 1797, m. Mary Malenda NELSON
      2 ?Joshua?, b. 179_?, m. Esther BOUTIN
      2 Samuel, b. 1798, m. Fanny?
      2 William

      Generation 2:

      2 ?Joshua? BARBER and Esther BOUTIN lived in Berne, NY, and Rensselaer County, NY
      3 Stephen Van Rensselaer, b. 1816, m. 1 Emmeline BENN; m. 2. after 1850 Mary Jane HOPKINS
      3 Rachel M., b. 1818, m. Artemus BOUTIN
      3 Harriet, b. 1820, m. Hiram SADDLEMIRE
      3 Hannah E., b. 1824, m. Stephen GREEN
      3 Phebe A., b. 1822, m. Marvin SCOTT
      3 Maria A., b. 1829, m. Theodore MERRITT
      3 Lydia C., b., 1831, m. Arnold E. BARNEY
      3 Lucius, b. 1834, m. Rhoda HAINES
      3 Almira, b. 1838, m. L. TURNER
      3 James, b. 1827, m. Sarah ?

      Generation 3:

      3 Stephen Van Rensselaer BARBER married Mary Jane HOPKINS after 1850. Known as "Van," he resided in St. Claire, Michigan, where the Diamond Salt Mines are. He and Mary Jane took up a homestead at Pine Island, Minnesota when he was about 40 years old. During the Civil War, Mary Jane was so frightened by Indians of the Sioux Uprising that they moved to Sycamore, Illinois. Van didn't want to leave the Pine Island homestead but Mary Jane insisted. They separated in Illinois. Van couldn't stand civilization so he moved to Wisconsin. He became a caretaker at a fishing or hunting lodge at Balsam Lake near Clear Lake, Wisconsin. In 1896, he took a homestead near Spooner, WI, at Big Casey Lake with his son Mortimer. When Mortimer and his wife Hannah moved to Oregon in 1903, Van sold his homestead and moved to Ashland, Wisconsin to live with another son, Chauncy. This is where he died.

      Mary Jane is supposed to have been Pennsylvania Dutch. She married Eri B. DAVIS of Mass. in 1883. They lived with Mortimer and Hannah until their deaths. Eri d. 18/Apr/1901. Mary Jane d. 3/Jun/1902. She was 66 years, 11 months, and 28 days old. She and Eri are both buried near Spooner, WI, near Three Corners on the Rocky Ridge Rd, the one going to Shell Lake via Yellow River on the west side as you go north.
      4 Andrew, b. 1853 St. Clair, MI, d. 1872 Brown, Stark County, MN
      4 Mortimer Leslie, b. 1855 St. Clair, MI; d. October 1920; buried Nehalem, OR; m. Hannah Priscilla Zenobia DURRIN
      4 William, b. 1858 Muskegon, Muskegon County, MI, m. Ida?
      4 Chauncy "Chant" Wallace, b. 1861 DeKalb, DeKalb County, MI, m. Emma Amelia BROWN

      Generation 4:

      4 Mortimer Leslie BARBER m. 13/Aug/1881 Hanna Priscilla Zenobia DURRIN, Clear Lake, Polk County, WI. Mortimer and Hannah sold their Wisconsin homestead in 1903 and moved to Tillamook, OR. By the time he died, Mortimer had become an alcoholic. He died in Portland, OR, after going on what was supposed to have been a prospecting trip. His sons Hugh and Leslie had to go to Portland to make arrangements as he died on the street.

      Hannah was b. 18/Dec/1863, Wabasha, MN; d. 1837 Tillamook, Tillamook County, OR; buried Nehalem, OR. After Mortimer's death, she married Jacob PESTERFIELD. Jacob had previously been married to Hannah's sister Mary.

      5 Earl Raymond, b. 2/Mar/1903, Spooner, WI; d. 17/May/1987, Salem, Marion County, OR; buried Tillamook, OR; m. Gladys Julia HODGDON 29/Nov/1923, Vancouver, Clark Co., WA
      .....6 Lois Iola (still living)
      .....6 Richard Earl (still living)
      .....6 Dale Lee (still living)
      .....6 Leroy Don, b. 29/Oct/1942, White Salmon, WA; d. 14/Feb/1997, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR; buried Tillamook, OR
      5 Hugh J., b. 31/Mar/1883, Ellsworth, Pierce Co., WI; d. 28/Nov/1963; buried Tillamook, OR; m. Anne RIPLEY
      5 Leslie, b. 26/Aug/1885, Clear Lake, Polk Co., Wisconsin;d. June 1934; m. Melissa SCOVELL
      5 Pearl Louella, b. 20/Oct/1890, Gregory, Polk Co., WI; d.1922, Tillamook, OR; m. Novadus KIRBY
      5 Bernice, b. 20/May/1897, Bashow, Washborn Co., WI; d. 28/Jan/1976; m. Herschel SCOVELL
      5 Mabel Jerusha, b. 24/Oct/1899, Spooner, WI; m. Samuel CURRY
      5 Rafaella, b. 1/Apr/1882, Clear Lake, Polk Co., WI; d. 22/Apr/1882
      5 Ira Leon, b. 22/May/1888, Clayton, Polk Co., WI; d. 28/Apr/1893
      5 Twins were born 10/Nov/1895 at Turtle Lake, Barron Co., WI

      If any of this connects to your family tree, or if you can suggest someone who might be able to help, please let me know!

      Katheryn (Barber) Saunders
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