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  • Some Baofeng radios make a pulsing noise that is way more rapid than normal picket fencing, Rayleigh fading or phase cancellation. It sounds almost like a geiger counter. I don't know what causes it. It's not the antenna. I have been using VHF/UHF FM radios almost on a daily basis since 1981 and have never seen this in other radios. Some of the newer mobile radios have a problem...
    Tom Consodine ND5Y 7:58 AM
  • I was referring the tiny 25W dual band mobile and the slightly larger 50W dual band mobile. I didn't know anybody in the US was selling a UHF single band mobile. I guess it must be a clone of the TYT TH-900D or Anytone AT-588. Tom > Rich, > > I think Tom was asking about the UHF Baofeng mobile, not the tiny 20-25 > watt dual-band that you offer (which isn't Baofeng, but probably...
    Tom Consodine ND5Y Feb 3
  • This includes the requirement that only equipment certified for Part 95 can be used. Tom > By the way, FRS is not a no-license service, it is License by Rule. > There is a difference. License by Rule requires the operator to comply > with all requirements of the applicable FCC Part (in this case 95).
    Tom Consodine ND5Y Feb 1
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  • Baofeng radios are analog only. They are not capable of receiving or transmitting P25 or any other digital mode. Tom > Ok thanks for the update. Also will these radios monitor a P25 system in > the 155mhz range that is non-trunked? It is being described as a > analog/digital system. > > Joe > Sent from my iPhone
    Tom Consodine ND5Y Feb 1
  • There are also 2.5 and 3.5 mm plugs with four conductors. Tom > > and of course, there are both mono and stereo plugs around, including > examples of both in the Kenwood historical line-up.
    Tom Consodine ND5Y Jan 11
  • Doesn't Chirp read the frequency limits that are already in the radio? Tom On 01/02/2016 07:42 AM, Jim Unroe rock.unroe@^$1 [baofeng_uv5r] wrote: > This is because CHIRP is still set to > the original 136.0000 to 174.9999 MHz frequency limits that the > original UV-5R radios has back in 2012 when UV-5R support was first > added to CHIRP.
    Tom Consodine ND5Y Jan 2
  • > The Uv82 series IS a different board design from the UV82 series. According to the schematics on the FCC web site it's basically the same thing. >Its performance IS less sucky that the uv5r. Some people have no problems with them. In my experience the receiver is just as bad as the UV-5R at my location but I'm within 1.5 miles of all the TV and FM stations and most of the big...
    Tom Consodine ND5Y Dec 13, 2015
  • The UV-82 has a bigger speaker that sounds better than the UV-5R, bigger keys, numeric keypad laid out correctly, and two PTT switches. Otherwise the guts are the same radio with the same (in some cases piss poor) performance. Tom
    Tom Consodine ND5Y Dec 13, 2015
  • Not any more. The civilian aircraft band was expanded up to 137 MHz several years ago. Tom On 11/24/2015 16:16, 18dmedic@^$1 [baofeng_uv5r] wrote: > 136 mhz is actually governed by the ntia and is used by the u.s. military.
    Tom Consodine ND5Y Nov 24, 2015
  • I didn't notice this at first but most of the radios on the Walmart site says "Sold & Shipped by [company]" under them. I have never heard of most of those companies or web sites. Tom
    Tom Consodine ND5Y Nov 21, 2015