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41003Re: [baofeng_uv5r] STE (squelch tail elimination) explained

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  • Scott, KB3JQQ
    Mar 30, 2014
      "3.  The important part:
      The UV-5R receiver responds to the 55 Hz STE tone by muting the receive
      audio (also known as anti-PL or anti-CTCSS). This happens even in
      carrier squelch mode (Menu 10 R-DCS and Menu 11 R-CTCS both OFF). This
      is the important part. Whenever the receiver detects a 55 Hz tone, it
      mutes the audio for as long as the tone is present and for about 1/2 to
      3/4 second after the tone and/or carrier drops. However, it appears that
      if the 55 Hz tone is sent while a CTCSS tone is present, the receiver
      doesn't seem to detect the 55 Hz tone and doesn't mute. This might be
      because of something in my test setup."

      This would explain the temporary dropouts
      myself and others get while using out UV-5Rs.
      My scanner doesn't drop out like my Baofeng.

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