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41001Re: [baofeng_uv5r] Re: Looking to get a Baofeng radio.

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  • Gary D. Schwartz
    Mar 30, 2014
      Quite true.

      However, unlike amateur radio, with commercial and public safety the
      FCC licensing is to the company or agency, not the individual.

      Their employees are granted permission under the authority of the
      licensee, and would need to comply with the licensee's policies.

      The licensee is responsible for equipment and operators under their
      license. This can get complicated if someone elects to use a Baofeng
      to transmit on a commercial or PS frequency.


      At 01:39 AM 3/30/2014, you wrote:
      >At 02:57 PM 29/03/2014, you wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >If you are only using this for commercial or public safety, you
      > >don't need a ham license, of course, but these days it is hard to
      > >know who is and is not a legitimate user.
      >You still need to be covered by some sort of license.

      Gary D. Schwartz, N1ZCE
      Needham, MA
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