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Re: My update ... I have successfully used a Kenwood serial cable with my UV5R.
Barry OGrady
7:47 AM
Re: My update Message 41532.. Ken try my solution as I just fixed someone with this exact same problem yesterday and before that had to do the same for one of my computers
7:15 AM
Re: My update For future benefit of others, what was the ultimate fix? Rolling back the driver version? I don't see that in your email.
Greg Ames
4:37 AM
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Re: My update Right you guys, thanks to Mr Prior snr everything works fine on both Chirp and VIP software. There is nothing wrong with either data cable, they do fit and do
3:56 AM
Re: My update From: Jardy Dawson ... Can anyone recall the last time THAT happened - as regards to the radio itself or programming the radio? Seems the only new questions
Xaun Loc
3:33 AM
My update Mr Pryor snr, thanks for your very sensible and NOT sarcastic comments and help, i will give it a try. Other than that i will go away and leave the group and
1:22 AM
Re: My update Craig, This was still doing the same thing with marked FTDI cables that were price $20 and above. Unless the cables were fake (generally they will not even
R Pryor MAEd CETsr
8:22 PM
Re: My update I like the ones who think that out of thousands (?) of members of this group, their problem has NEVER been addressed before, and thus lead to statement 'a'
Jardy Dawson
5:30 PM
Re: My update Or simply spend around $20 (USD) for an FTDI cable and eliminate $200.00 (USD) worth of lost time and aggravation. Sometimes going cheap (with $4 or $5 cables)
Craig Carnahan
5:17 PM
Re: Bluetooth Motorcycle comms ... Oh, interesting. I always run my SR-10 off it's internal charge. It has lasted me 10-12 hour days with constant use. I just charge it up every night on
Michael Hojnowski
4:08 PM
Re: My update Ken try my solution as I just fixed someone with this exact same problem yesterday and before that had to do the same for one of my computers after I updated
R Pryor MAEd CETsr
3:42 PM
Re: My update Even with the latest driver and original authentic USB cable this happens using the latest 3.4. Check in control panel in device manager (plug the cable in)
R Pryor MAEd CETsr
3:37 PM
Re: My update Since the seller claims "24*7 Email Support", I'd email them Ken. Perhaps a different cable would fit better.
Craig Carnahan
12:31 PM
Re: My update ... That is why I suggest that you give the CHIRP Live CD a try. It will eliminate OS/driver issues and help you narrow in on the cause of your problem. Jim
Jim Unroe
10:57 AM
Re: My update Hi Michael here is the link you requested. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00G1WSUP8/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
10:54 AM
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Re: My update Which cable did you buy? Can you send us a weblink? From: baofeng_uv5r@yahoogroups.com [mailto:baofeng_uv5r@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of g3sdw@... Sent:
Michael Black
10:49 AM
Re: My update I have read through the Mikor web site till i am blue in the face, the rubber flap is not in the way as i hold it back until i have seated the plug all the
10:27 AM
Re: My update As i have already said the plug if pushed any further in, and this is on two different data plugs, any further that well you know the rest. 73 Ken
10:21 AM
Re: My update Never actually seen an instance of the radio alternating between Tx & Rx when the programming cable is plugged in - simply going into stead Tx is occasionally
Xaun Loc
9:57 AM
Re: cross band repeat and FCC ... On Friday, April 18, 2014 10:21 PM, Xaun Loc wrote:   At least YOU can spell it, John   From: John W. Hays Sent: Friday, April 18,
John W. Hays
9:39 AM
Re: Bluetooth Motorcycle comms I am using a Nagoya NA-701 that is remotely mounted via the plastic wing mirror assembly so should I don't think it will be earthed to the bike. The SR10 is
Roy Dawson
9:21 AM
Re: My update Ken, If your desktop has a 'real' serial port get yourself a serial cable, I did and no problems, one that works with the Kenwood TH-6 or one of those models
David Shrum
9:12 AM
Re: Bluetooth Motorcycle comms Something that crosses my mind, is to ask if the antenna is grounded to the bike frame? If so, there might be a ground loop, from the battery ground, through
Stan Labinsky Jr.
9:08 AM
Re: My update Seriously ... That worked for me once I read it online somewhere. The cable seems like it's in. That little flappy rubber cover thing seems to get in the way.
9:06 AM
Re: My update If push the cable any harder Jardy then the socket that it sits in would come out of the other side of the radio, this applies to both the cables i now have.
8:59 AM
Re: My update Push the cable in harder. Jardy Dawson WA7JRD Ham Radio Sent by using an Enigma machine from a WWII U-boat
Jardy Dawson
Apr 19
Re: My update I installed the cable driver for the new cable and the necessary driver for Windows 7 just as the Mikor site instructed. Followed it to the book and everything
Apr 19
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Re: My update Ken, ... Which "necessary drivers" did you install. As far as I know, the "original" Baofeng cable uses the unauthorized Prolific chip copy as many other
Jim Unroe
Apr 19
My update I have now received a new data cable which is claimed to be an original Baofeng for the UV-5RC. I have installed all the necessary drivers and installed CHIRP,
Apr 19
Robert Ogburn
Apr 19
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