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Religion & Political means: Improving fate of Bangladesh.

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  • Mohammad Gani
    28May 2009 Religion & Political means: Improving fate of Bangladesh. Mohammad Gani (USA) It doesn t go away by itself. Almost 90% people of Bangladesh are
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      28May 2009
      Religion & Political means: Improving fate of Bangladesh.
      Mohammad Gani (USA)
      It doesn't go away by itself. Almost 90% people of Bangladesh are Muslims and the proceeding comments are along the line with that context. From time to time, God has sent Prophets with His divine messages of kindness, love, morality and humanity to the “misguided people”. Those messages have been passed on to the generations together with his guidance, command and consequences for disobeying Him and been working for human civilization for thousands of years. The time before Islam is generally referred to as "the time of ignorance"; this probably reflects the fact that God had not yet sent the Arabs a prophet.
      We the Muslims hold the belief that Angel Gabriel appeared to Mohammad (PBUH) and told him to recite aloud. When Mohammad (PBUH) asked what he should say, the Angel recited verses for him those later constituted part of the Holy Quran. Mohammad’s (PBUH) messages were disturbing to many of the Quraysh for several reasons. The Prophet attacked Arab customs that permitted lax marriage arrangements and the killings of unwanted offspring. More significantly was the Prophet’s claim that there was (is) only one God; because dismissing the concept of worshiping idols, he actually threatened the pilgrimage traffic from which the Quraysh profited…………. And we all know the rest of the story and the benefits and rewards from almighty Allah for obeying Him, following and practicing the teachings of Islam in our everyday life.
      About 1400 years later today, it is now the calling of our time; time of 160 million people to “pray for someone” sent to "only for Bangladesh" with His renewed divine messages to change our political leaders into human beings! Or prayers might also be for a “Noah’s Boat” that could rescue these helpless millions of people from the turbulence of their leaders tsunami like visitations for years. Visible “secular and orthodoxy” in religious faith and practices of our national leaders, especially of Hasina and Khaleda sharply contradict with their feckless and belligerent behaviors. Their 5+ times a day prayers and performing OMRA every year reflect their nebulous and hypocrite minds (and souls). Though God does not take sides in Bangladesh politics, a secular Hasina (or liquidated Khaleda) firmly believe that almighty Allah has saved her from harms way when she was incarcerated in “VIP prison” and from unfounded allegations brought against by the illegitimate-Razakar Care Taker Government. Such examples go on and on….. ………..but in realty, these sadistic leaders are no God fearing by any means who selectively utilize religion as an iniquitous tool in fooling this stupid nation. In short, one may conclude that their (secular) religious faith has either failed to give them direction to humanity or they profoundly ignore and disregard the teachings of their own religious faith!
      Now how about political means? Politics is not as bad as we often think of; instead it has always been a noble profession that has been helping human civilization and humanity moving forward for thousands of years (except in Bangladesh). And politics of true leadership, statesmanship and love for its people could have easily changed the fates of 160 million people of Bangladesh by now!
      Laws can legitimately be framed to serve a nation if fully enforced; equally and effectively on all citizens including on al our leaders themselves. The laws, as the legislators make may be used not on only to restrain our vices but also to increase our virtues as well. It can better the people among us and positively promote if not our happiness, at least the quality of our life. Legislators could be our moral educators. Aristotle said, “We become just by the practice of just system, self controlled by exercising self control and courageous by performing acts of courage. This is corroborated by what happens in States. Lawgivers make the citizen good by inculcating habits in them and this is the aim of every law lawgiver; if he does no succeed in doing that, his legislation is failure”.
      Thus the law makes us good by compelling us to act as a good citizen. It helps us to be good person by possessing certain virtues such as courage. To establish this trait, an elected government (Politicians/Leaders) must take corresponding class of actions judiciously with a patriotic mind, intelligence, morality and wisdom. The laws instill these traits by making us performing the acts those equally correspond to them too! These laws specify punishments for noncompliance and thus over changing time, we gradually form certain habits those either are virtues or are naturally transformed into virtues when reach at a certain level of maturity and enlightenment. We may call this a political means of changing (improving) citizen’s character. But political means is not the only way in which the law and the Government could possibly make us better. Because, one may argue that controlling human behaviors by means of law is to control it by force and our freedom is thus compromised. This conflict could easily be resolved by introducing another virtue known as “responsibility”. Responsibility is an essential elements and precondition of freedom. Responsible means to rationalize construct and adhere to codes of our own laws.
      Both law and social norms serve primarily to regulate our relationships with others and contain some rules those propose that we promote the interest of every citizen at large. Both include rules those in various ways require us to refrain from doing things damaging to the public interest, here of the common people in general.
      We, the people of Bangladesh participate in all election process in large numbers. But the concept, understanding and practice of democracy in my beloved motherland are most always shallow. It is not my intention to advance polemical attack on Khaleda, Hasina and/or on other leaders.  If Hasina and Khaleda make wise decisions and take subsequent actions on, they indeed deserve our supports for their accomplishments. But if they betray their own nation for years with only rhetoric of inaction, they deserve negative sentiments. At this point, my pointed question is, exactly what rendition these two intractable "Princess of the darkness" have shown so far for this poor nation in “its real term” except back biting to distract the entire nation’s attention from exigent issues? I indeed & sincerely wish success of these 2 "Queens of mean" in improving the quality of life of 160 million people and do believe that they can, only if they have honest mind and determination. In theory, this nation has given them powerful mandates several times in the past including this time!
      Finally, we must have a very short memory. This "League of Devils" have assaulted our Constitution by introducing an unconstitutional provision of Care Taker Government in a democratic environment, lied to 160 Million people and been promoting failures and destructions of the missions and visions of our freedom and its sacrifices. Peoples are becoming targets and victims of extrajudicial killings, cross-fires every day during a democratic system in place. They have already destroyed our democracy and we now need to take the challenges of bringing about the changes, true changes by unseating these ignorant and unreasonable personalities. These 2 leaders talk as if they have supreme knowledge and morality on all issues including patriotism. Even more sad thing is that there is a segment of native “sheep” those believe in everything their leaders say………………………………….Gee, I am so thirsty now, I need a drink!!
      May Allah save and secure Bangladesh.
      Mohammad Gani (USA).
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